Chances at the UC's?

White Female
Attended 3 High Schools Due to Family Moves: 9th and 10th in MA, 11th in NM, 12th in CA
Applying To:
Prospective Major:
Political Science/International Relations
UC GPA: 4.0-4.15 (Depending on which courses are honors certified)
Rank: School Doesn't Rank
Course Load:
Senior Yr:
AP Statistics, AP Economics, AP Government, Physics, English, Seminar in Art
Summer Class:
UCSD Political Science/Int'l Relations - A
Junior Yr:
AP European History A (3), Chemistry A, Spanish III A, Pre-Calculus B, Honors English A, Anthropology A, Political Science A
Sophomore Yr: Academic Achievement, High Honor Roll
Honors English A, Honors Biology A, US History A, Spanish II B, Advanced Algebra A, Business and Personal Law A</p>

<p>ACT: 28 1st try (Retaking Oct. and Dec.)
SAT II: Writing
Math Ic
(Pending - took 10/9)</p>

Martial Arts (11,12) Shotokan Karate (11), Kickboxing (12)
Key Club (11,12)
Optimist International (12)
Amnesty International (11)
Currently composing a series of life stories which combine the experiences of my grandparents and my family history. I spent time this summer gathering information and beginning to compose the stories which I plan to develop into a novella by the end of the year. (I will put this as an EC because it was one of my summer projects and I love to write.)</p>

<p>Community Service:
Personal Fundraiser for the Children's Hospital - Raised $1,000 (summer -12)
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program (11) ~ 1x/week
Children's Museum Volunteer (11) ~ 30-40 Hrs.
Church Group Community Service (9,10) ~30-40 hrs.
- Sold carnations for Breast Cancer, worked with special needs patients, volunteered with town event, Walk for Hunger, etc. </p>

Babysitting for 4 Boys (9,10) - Lots of hours (I write about this experience in my essay, and how it sparked my interest to help children.)</p>

<p>**** EC's vary slightly do to moves****</p>

<p>Essays: 600 word essay about my passion for helping children and how it has developed over the years (teachers and friends have loved it, but I'm not sure how to rank it.) </p>

<p>Thanks for your feedback!!</p>

<p>UCI-Safe Match
UCD-Safe Match
UCSB-Safe Match

<p>This is all assuming that your test scores are good when they come in. You want an average of about 650, to get in the safe matches, the matches and reaches need about 700's atleast</p>


<p>(assuming decent SAT II scores)</p>

<p>UCLA: Slight Reach
UCB: Slight Reach
UCSD: Safe Match
UCD: Safety
UCSB: Safety
UCI: Safety</p>

<p>I would apply to any of the UCs that you want to attend, whether you think that they might be a reach or not. Everything looks pretty strong to me, as long as you do well testing. You have an obivous passion for kids, which is good. I think something that my community service lacks is that it's not focused on anything, it was all over the place. Good plan to point that out through your essay. Also, it can't hurt that you took a class at UCSD already. I'd say that you are a shoe-in for many of them. Some of them might be a slight reach, but your record seems competitive. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the responses RKATC and Flopsy! I'll let you know the rest of my record when I get my SAT II scores on Friday :) Thanks again and anyone else please comment if they have anything to add!</p>

<p>UCLA: Slight Reach
UCB: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCD: Safety
UCSB: Safety
UCI: Safety</p>