Chances At The University Of Washington?

<p>Freshmen Year: Classes:
Honors English, Honors World History, Honors Pre-AP Bio, Spanish, AVID (dropped at end of year), Honors Geometry.
Extra: Volunteered at church 2-5 hours a week, did cross country and 1 club
Gpa: 3.3</p>

Honors English, Honors Algebra 3, AP Bio, Digital Photography, Spanish, Intro To Marketing, Online PE, Online Washington State History (1 semester only)
Extra: Golf, church volunteering again, 1 club
Gpa: 4.0
Cumulative: 3.65</p>

<p>Junior: Took college classes through running start at CC, received the equivalent of 3 HS English credits, 3 history, 2 math, 2 science, 1 photography again, 1.5 art, and had one HS class which was one semester of online PE
Gpa: 4.0
Cumulative : 3.7</p>

<p>SAT: 1780
ACT: 27</p>

<p>High School Credits (including college credits): At the end of Junior Year, 5 English, 4 History, 4 Math, 4 Science, 2 World Language, 1.5 Fitness and Health, 6 elective.</p>


<p>Will you earn an AA as a result of running start? Your GPA and course rigor are solid as well as your test scores. Are you listing all of your extracurriculars? Even w/o the ec's you should be fine.</p>