Chances at these colleges?? (Will Chance Back

Gender: Male
School: Private Boarding School in Mass., but From NYC
Ethnicity: White and Jewish
UW GPA: 3.25
SAT’s: 1170 CR+W (620 CR and 550 M)
-Decent Extracurriculars that include attending a film program at Amherst College, Service Learning Trip in Italy
-Amazing Essay
-Great Recommendations
-I have been rejected nowhere yet

I have been accepted to:

University of Missouri
University of Iowa
University of Denver(Potential Scholarship, Still Waiting for Letter in Mail)
College of Wooster(20k Dean’s Scholarship)
Ohio Wesleyan(20k Scholarship)

Schools I am Still Waiting On:

University of Vermont
Indiana University
Fordham University
Union College(Best Interview I had)
Denison University(Great Interview and Can Play Golf)
University of Richmond
Butler University
College of Charleston
Ursinus College
Quinnipiac University