Chances at these schools (ROTC scholarship)

<p>Hi everybody,
Recently I posted on these boards asking for help in identifying potential schools and got a lot of good information. I have done a little more research and have identified a couple of schools that at least seem interesting to me. As the title suggests I am also applying for both Naval and Air Force ROTC. That means 2 things: I have a limited number of schools I can apply to (5 for navy 3 for air force) and the people who are reviewing my application for ROTC will be very hard graders when it comes to whither or not they believe I can do well at the schools that I list. What I am asking is for is help identifying reaches (high, medium and low) so I can further reduce my list of schools and don’t sugar coat my chances because they won’t. </p>

<p>List of schools
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Washington - Seattle
Cornell (might have legacy... my grandmother got her masters from Cornell in the 40s after her service in WW2)
Carnegie Mellon University
University of California - San Diego
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
University of Virginia - Charlottesville
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill</p>


o White male
o Public school (4th best in the state)
o Major: Electrical, Mechanical or Biomedical engineering
o Top 5% of class (700 students in my class)</p>


<p>Test Scores:
o ACT scores: Composite (32) English (33) Math (28) Reading (34) Science (30) Writing (10)
o AP Biology: 5
o AP European History: 5
o AP US History: 4 </p>


o GPA: 4.04 weighted, ~3.89 unweighted
o 9th grade
-Honors Physical Science
-Honors Economics and Politics
-English 9
-Chinese I</p>

<p>o 10th grade
-Honors Chemistry
-AP United States History
-English 10
-Advanced Algebra
-Gym/Power and Energy - complete disassemble and reassemble of 2 and 4 stroke motors
-Chinese II/III - tested out of level II</p>

<p>o 11th grade
-AP European History
-AP Biology
-Metals II/ Principles of engineering drafting and design - work with AutoCAD and Inventor, built model bridges, cars and boats
-Chinese IV
-English 11</p>

<p>o 12th grade
-AP Calculus AB
-AP Physics B
-AP Psychology
-Speech/ Honors Bible as Literature and Philosophy
-IB Theory of Knowledge </p>


<p>Extra Curricular:
o Volunteer at local food shelf
o Tobacco, Alcohol enforcement officer - worked with nearby police department to try to buy each underage to catch stores who were selling to minors
o Undercover “John” - worked with a nearby police department to try to buy sex from prostitutes who were then arrested
o 4 years of football - 2 years on varsity, captain both freshman and sophomore year
o 3 years of varsity rugby - would be 4 but I had surgery which took me out for the 4th season
o 4 years of weight training club - captain
o Sophomore Service Project Leader - organized the sophomore kids against hunger service learning project
o Started own lawn mowing business - 5 years in business
o A honor role -freshman, sophomore and junior year
o Academic letter - sophomore and junior year
o Varsity Football Letter - Junior and will get one senior year
o (School’s name)* Award - awarded by the teachers and principle 2 times a year for academic and leadership excellence in the school
o 1 year of trap shooting club
o 1 year of super mileage club </p>

<li>School’s name kept secret
Any advice/opinions is greatly appreciated</li>


<p>I'll take a crack at it:</p>

<p>University of Michigan - Ann Arbor -- High Match
University of Washington - Seattle -- Safety
Cornell (might have legacy... my grandmother got her masters from Cornell in the 40s after her service in WW2) - REACH
Carnegie Mellon University -- REACH/Low Match
University of California - San Diego -- Match
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign -- High Match
University of Virginia - Charlottesville -- Low Match
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill -- Low Match</p>

<p>Remember for the Navy ROTC, the scholarship award committee awards a Scholarship to a PARTICULAR UNIT (e.g. Cornell + any cross town schools) in your list of 5. If you fail to gain admission to Cornell, you cannot use the scholarship automatically at another Unit/University. At least that is my understanding to date. I am trying to get clarification about how difficult it is to apply the Scholarship to a different university on the list of 5 if the Scholarship reciepient does not get into e.g. Cornell.</p>