Chances at these schools

I am a high school senior in NJ. I already got accepted at Rutgers Newark. I have a 3.1 gpa and 1550 sat score but just took SAT yesterday.
Do I have a shot at these schools?
Rutgers NB
UMass Lowell
Seton Hall
Is it also too late apply to these schools as well? I did also apply to Rutgers as well already. I know my grades my grades aren’t great but I do go to a competitive high school and is top 5 in NJ and top 100 in nation.

i have the same gpa but 1800 sat, got into NJIT which is my safety. You can maybe get into Rutgers and Uconn, the Temple, drexel, lowell, seton hall should me matches for you

You think if I bring my SAT up to at least 1600 and above I could at least have a solid chance.

Today I got my acceptance for Scranton University and it is one of the best feelings of my life. I already got accepted to 3 other schools but Scranton was a school that was reach/target school. I am waiting more from other schools and my top choice schools but being accepted Scranton is a very relieving experience for me. What is also surprising, is that I got a $10,0000 scholarship. I thought I wouldn’t qualify for a scholarship because I have a 3.1 GPA and a SAT score around 1600-1700. Idk about other schools but I have more faith and confidence I could get into more of these schools.