Chances at these top schools

<p>Interested in a computer science major in CAS dpt</p>

<p>White male</p>

<p>Cumulative UWGPA: 4.0
Cumulative WGPA: 4.5+
Top 5% of class</p>

<p>34 Composite ACT - 33M 36E 34R 34S</p>

<p>SAT II's: Physics: 740 Math 2: 760</p>

<p>Taken after senior year: AP->[Government, Calc AB, English lang/comp, Computer Science, USHistory, Spanish, Physics, Calc BC, English Lit]
I've earned all A's in all AP courses, Hardest possible schedule.
Only class that I didn't take the test in was USH, last 4 are pending, rest are 4's lol
^^All other classes have been honors except for dumb required courses</p>

<p>Sports: 1 year JV Lacrosse, 2 years Varsity Lacrosse
1 year JV soccer, 2 years Varsity Soccer
1 year Varsity golf</p>

<p>AP scholar w/ honor, Maryland distinguished scholar nominee, NM commended
Awaiting letters for literature contest results
Lots of in-school awards</p>

Logged 380 hours of community service, mostly comprised of mission trips and local service.
2 Years of Appelachian Service Project, spent weekends during school year and 1.5 weeks each summer doing service for poor.
Volunteered at special olympics
Volunteering at local zoo -about 100 hours here
more volunteering and whatnot</p>

<p>Calculus tutoring
Computer Science tutoring
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
Math Team for 4 years
In charge of school website
I make apps and stuff
Have 300+ work hours</p>

<p>Essays: Great/Excellent
Recs: Good/Great
No hooks really</p>

<p>I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of things but this is the bulk of it.</p>

Cornell (first choice)
Carnegie Mellon SCS


<p>Match: Carnegie Mellon
Low Reach: Cornell
Medium Reach: Brown, Upenn
High Reach: Princeton
Not bad - just don't send your AP scores.</p>

<p>Pretty much agree with the post above me... </p>

<p>I'd say you have a decent chance at Cornell :-)</p>

<p>Good luck :-)</p>

<p>Thanks guys, more opinions appreciated. Keep in mind I'm applying to Carnegie Mellon's SCS, which is on par with MIT</p>




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