Chances at Tufts, UVA, Emory, GW, C. of W & M, UPenn, UChicago?

<p>I was wondering what my admissions chances are for these schools: George Washington, University of Virginia, Emory U., U. of Chicago, U. of Pennsylvania, Tufts U., and the College of William and Mary. I will be an entering senior in the fall.
I had originally posted this, however, right after I read another post about how people probably won’t reply unless it’s clean.
So here it goes. . . .</p>

<p>School: Topeka West High School
Rank: 20/243, ranking should improve this is from sophomore year
GPA: uw 3.7, w 4.1</p>

<p>I have taken 1 honors class(will take 2 next year, school only offers six, two of which are In the art department), yet will have taken 7 honors courses as of next year.</p>

<p>I am taking the SAT and ACT this summer, aiming for a 2000-2100 and a 28-31.</p>

FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) 9 11 12
Spanish Club 10 11 12
Volunteer Initiative 10 12
Debate 11 12 Yearbook 11 12
Model U.N. 12
Topeka West FBLA* chapter Co-President 12
501/Topeka West Business Representative 11 12
KS FBLA* District 3 President 2010-2011
IFL (Institute for Leaders) summer 2010
Yearbook Copy Editor 12</p>

Honor Roll (8 semesters) 9 10 11 12
Kansas Regents Honors Scholar 12
Lettered: Academic 10 11 12</p>


National Honor Society 12

Stormont Vail Hospital: <em>_hours 11 12<br>
March of Dimes through FBLA* 11 12
Habitat for Humanity: _</em>
hours 11 12</p>

<p>Stats and ECs are not good enough for Penn and they will make Gtown and Chicago high reaches.</p>

<p>Almost all are reaches...</p>

<p>this person didn't even ask for georgetown -.-...</p>


<p>Stats are decent, (top ten percent), but your ec's are lacking and seem weary. how many community service hours will you have done by the start of senior year? Do you do any other activities?</p>

<p>did u take any ap's?
If you didn't you will want to consider less prestigious schools, also ec's could be stronger reach at most of them</p>

<p>I will have taken 3 AP classes. My school only offers 6 AP classes (2 of which are in the art department). Plus the majority of those AP classes you can't take until senior year. Also, if my ec's are lacking what could I do to bring them up?</p>