Chances at U of R???

<p>I pretty much screwed up 2nd semester of freshmen year and 1st semester of sophmore year, but I've improved since then. I really want to go to University of Rochester, please tell me my chances and some other colleges i might have a chance at? Much appreciated.</p>

<p>Korean female at one of the most competitive schools in IL (New Trier Township High School)
GPA: 4.03 (I know it's pretty low)
SAT: going to take it this year </p>

Freshmen year
Honors English A- => B+
Honors World History A- => B+
Biology A => A-
Geom. B+ => B -
Spanish B+ => B+</p>

<p>Sophmore year
Honors English B => B+
Honors World History C+ => B-
Physics (WP (dropped it w/ passing grade) took it again during the summer) B=> B+
Alg. 2 C+=> B-
Spanish B=> B+</p>

<p>(Current schedule & grade. Hopefully all A's)
Junior Year
Honors English
Honors U.S. History
Pre Calc.
Honors Chinese

<p>(Future Schedule)
Senior year
AP English
AP Physc.
AP Bio
Honors Chinese
AB Calc.</p>

*Played Piano for 13 years now
*Won 2nd at Geneva Piano Competition
*Won 2nd at Sonate Festival
*Crew Freshmen year (only novice chosen to represent New Trier at Midwest Scholastic Championships => won medals) Will be on varsity when I get back Junior year.
*Play piano for senior citizens at nursing homes often
*Leo Club (community service club)
*Korean Club
*Chinese Club
*H20 Club (christian club)
*Youngest member at the Korean Chicago Literary Club (very well-known and respected organization)
*AIDS Coalition Club
*Summer job at Petsmart (after sophmore year)
*Albany Park social service (tutor children in Chicago)
*Activities Leader in Church Youth Group
*Tutor in English for Asian students (outside of school)</p>


<p>That is in no way a 4.03. It's a 3.16 unweighted. Rochester will look at this GPA rather than the 4.03. Do well this year, raise that GPA. Do you have a class rank? 76% of freshmen were in the top 10% of their class.</p>

<p>Come back in the end of Junior year. At this point, without test scores, it's way too hard to make a judgement, but not getting a single A in sophomore year will hurt you. </p>

<p>Again, don't worry about it this early.</p>