Chances at U Park

<p>Already applied (mid October) and waiting for a decision but thought I would see what everyone thought of my chances. My stats are</p>

<p>Out of State (NJ)
GPA - 3.5 UW, 6.111 W (yes I know that my school’s weighting process matches no other school!). If you look only at my GPA in my Honors/AP courses it goes up each of my three years to a high of 3.60 UW in my Junior year.
Rank – My school ranks only in deciles using their version of Weighted which probably puts me around the top 15% level. However, if you only include my Honors/AP courses, my 3 year weighted GPA would put me around the top 7% level. Yes, basically I had a tendency to slack off in the “filler” classes.
Honors / AP – By the end of my Junior Year I had taken 10 Honors courses along with AP Physics (got a 4 on the test). My senior Schedule includes Honors English, AP World History, AP US History, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Calculus
EC – The run of the mill stuff like most everyone – Volunteer at Senior Citizen Center, 3 years Track (both indoor and outdoor), Robotics Club, Biology Club, etc.
SAT = 1340/1600 and 1970/2400.
SAT II – Math II (720), Physics (710), Chemistry (710)
ACT = Composite of 31 (32 if they super score) on two separate tests with highs of 35 on the Science section and 33 on the Math Section. Lowest score was a 29 on the English section.
College Courses – Took 5 College courses at a local college between Freshman and Sophomore years</p>

<p>deff in......</p>

<p>I can't imagine you'd not get in unless you've neglected to point out all your felonies. (JUST KIDDING!!)</p>

<p>Your stats are just about where mine were and I was accepted to Smeal last year.</p>