Chances at UCB

<p>Hi everyone who's reading this. Sorry to be using you all to my needs and questions. haha jk. I was wondering how hard it would be to get into Berkeley engineering as freshman applicant. Isn't it ranked 2nd in the nation, in engineering majors? (or something like that) I would imagine that it is hard to get into.</p>

<p>My Stats:
1460 SAT (800 M 660 V honestly I hate critical reading arg)
800 Math IIC
760 Chem
I will take the Writing on Nov 6 (oh noo!)</p>

<p>Qualified as ELC (dunno if this helps)
4 yr Cali resident (whys this important?)</p>

AB Calc 5
US Hist 5
Chem 4 (>:O)</p>

Track Varsity (11)
Volunteer in ER at local hospital on weekends (11,12)
Biotech Internship over summer (11)
Biotech Class at night (11, 12)(does this count? since its out of school time)
Math Club (11, 12)
Ultimate Frisbee Club (11, 12)
Took CSI over summer (10)(does this count?)</p>

<p>Classes taking this yr:
AP Eng
AP Stats
AP Phys
AP Bio
AP Gov
AP Econ
Biotech at night</p>

<p>GPA unweighted: 3.988 (it didnt round off lol >:O)
Rank: 18/301</p>

<p>and last but not least... Asian Minority...</p>

<p>My grades are looking pretty good for senior yr. I'm kinda weak in my ECs but I didn't really get involved until junior year :( But since then I've gone cold turkey on computer games (these things are BAD for u. if u get addicted u'll DIE.), and have done better. English is my weakest area. The fact that I haven't done any performing arts stuff is also pretty detrimental. </p>

<p>Besides Berkeley I'm also shooting for UCLA. It doesn't have good engineering department but I like the place. Things I don't like about UCs are the impersonal atmosphere, grade-obsessed students, sometimes crappy profs. I don't know if this is true, since it is from what I hear.</p>

<p>My Essays will be about my passion for math and understanding how things work. I will focus on the internship and later how physics helped me understand this particular machine I was using (mass spect if u wanna know). I'm planning on majoring in biomedical engineering or mechanical engineering or bioengineering.)</p>

<p>thanks in advance for ur input/comments!</p>

<p>i think you are in. good SAT score, good AP test scores, good SAT IIs (as long as you get 740+ on writing)</p>

<p>being instate helps you A LOT!</p>

<p>UC's especially the top ones like Berkeley, weight heavily your admission on your Person and that's reflected in your EC's(which are weak for you) and essays. I think you'd have to blow them away with your essays to get in</p>

<p>bumper sticker</p>