Chances at UChicago, JHU, Cornell, Yale, others

<p>I was wondering what my chances are at the following schools:</p>

<p>University of Chicago
Johns Hopkins University

<p>Also, if you have any suggestions for schools that I have a chance of getting into that have great pre-med programs, please say them.</p>

<p>These are my stats:</p>

1st try:
630 Math
630 Verbal
1260 Total</p>

<p>2nd Try:
690 Math
720 Verbal
1410 Total</p>

700 Bio M
Planning to take Bio, Math I, and Writing SAT IIs in November.
I am also wondering, can I take the SATs in December and still have the colleges look at the scores? I scored a 1500 and 1540 on Kaplan practice tests so I know I could improve at least somewhat.</p>

<p>Class Rank:
3 of (about) 77</p>

4.310 weighted, 3.8 unweighted</p>

<p>I have taken the most difficult course combinations at my school:</p>


<p>Honors Geometry
Honors Earth and Space Science
Honors English
Spanish II
Eastern Civilization (no honors available)
Jazz Band</p>


<p>Honors Algebra II
Honors English
Spanish III
Honors Western Civilization
Honors Biology
Honors Biology Lab
Jazz Band</p>


<p>Pre-Calculus (Honors level)
Honors English
Spanish IV (AP/Honors)
AP U.S. History - earned 5 on exam
Honors Chemistry
Honors Chemistry Lab
Honors Band (this is the first time it is available)
Jazz Band
Wind Ensemble (I am a percussionist)</p>


<p>AP Calculus
AP English
AP Biology
AP Biology Lab
Honors Physics
Honors Physics Lab
AP European History
Honors Band- I am first percussion chair
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Band
Sax Ensemble</p>

<p>Also, this year I work about 20 hours a week.</p>


<p>Freshman Boys Basketball
Intramural Volleyball
Spanish Club
Videogame Club
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Band
National Honors Society
National Spanish Honors Society
Get Up Stand Up (Student Activism)
Iraq War Debate- presented in front of entire HS
HS Honor Code Debate- before board of ed
Presidential Election Debate- presented in front of entire HS
Model United Nations
Internship with local engineering company
Saxophone Ensemble</p>

<p>Also, I plan on auditioning for the regional, state, and all new england music competitions in december</p>

<p>misc/volunteer work:</p>

<p>-play with my band at my school, pro bono, to raise money for senior class
-played with my band at a mock "American Idol" type event
-wrote and played music at a dinner to raise money for spanish club
-did other misc stuff with my band
Academic Education Seminar- played music in an improv session and helped set up
Mentoring- with middle schoolers
Tutoring- underclassman w/ spanish
Alumni Dinner- waiter and helped set up
International Affairs- college course at local private college, earned A-, I was the only freshman in this class
Political Science - college course at local private college, earned A-
Carwash fundraiser for Band
Private Music Lessons
Computer Programming- made some of my own PC games</p>


<p>Ninth Grade
● Excellence in Eastern Civilization
● Outstanding Achievment on the National Spanish Exam
● Honor Roll</p>

<p>Tenth Grade
● Outstanding Achievment and Excellence in Biology
● High Honor Roll</p>

<p>Eleventh Grade
● Outstanding Participation in the High School National Chemistry Olympiad Local Competition
● Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Honors Chemistry
● Physical Education Award for Outstanding Achievement, Effort, and Sportsmanship
● Rensselaer Math and Science Award
● Honor Roll</p>

<p>Also, I am a Hispanic male. In regards to Yale, I live in Connecticut.</p>

<p>oh, and my teacher recommendations were pretty good</p>

<p>so for some of the more selective schools up there, especially, like Harvard, Princeton, and MIT, do I have any chance whatsoever or is it just a waste of money to apply?</p>

<p>bump :D
somebody help please :(</p>

<p>nobody has any comments?</p>

<p>I'd say you're a big reach everywhere except Chicago, JHU, and Cornell...maybe Columbia. Frankly, your ECs and "awards" (every kid applying to these schools is on the honour roll...and a phys ed award? That won't push you over the top) are on the weak or rather standard side. You'll need excellent recs and essays.</p>

<p>thank you for the constructive criticism</p>

<p>So is it even worth it to apply to some of the higher schools, or is it just a waste of money?</p>

<p>As for the phys ed award, I know it isn't the greatest thing in the world, but it doesn't hurt :D</p>

<p>Also, any other "match" or "match-reach" schools that fit my description and offer strong pre-med programs?</p>

<p>buuuuuuuump :O</p>

<p>reach(slight to reasonable)-JHU, Cornell, Uchicago
far reach (reasonable to far)-yale, stanford, columbia, MIT, harvard, Princeton</p>

<p>of course we don't know how good your recs are, and we also don't know how good your essays are, a big deal at uchicago and columbia especially</p>

<p>my recs are pretty good, for example one is from a science teacher that has had me in 3 classes and 3 labs, so he knows me fairly well, and he gave me the award for his class so I hope he'll give a good recommendation, he's a very nice guy, and I have some great ideas for an essay</p>

<p>how would my chances be improved if I were to get my SATs in the 1450-1550 range and was accepted into the regional, all state, and all new england bands and jazz bands, somewhat, greatly, or not at all?</p>

<p>does being hispanic and living in connecticut improve my odds at Yale? Also, I think I might have some relative who went to yale like a century ago or something</p>