Chances at UChicago/Oberlin/W&M/Virginia Tech

<p>Hey Guys. I was wondering if someone could chance me for UChicago (My DREAM school) Oberlin & William and Mary (also desirable) and Virginia Tech (backup school)</p>

<p>My stats are:
SAT: 680(CR), 680(Math) and 670(Writing) [ I know, really low :( i'm retaking it in 2 weeks ]
APs: World History(5), Psych(5), US History(5) and Eng Lit(4)
Subject Tests: World History(720), Math1(690), US History(760)
Current Courses: AP Stat, AP French, AP Environmental Science, AP Gov, AP Eng Lit
GPA: 4.17 Weighted 3.95 Unweighted
Rank: Top 3% about 20something/650</p>

<p>Recs: Teachers like me pretty well
ECs(kinda weak): Model UN 2 years, volunteered at my school's health department 3 years, school newspaper 3 years (editor this year and had my own column in every issue for 2 years), president of msa, French Honors Society and a couple others (im blanking)
Awards: Distinguished Honor Roll every semester All 4 years of high school, AP Scholar w/distinction, Dartmouth Book Award</p>

Majors: 1st choice is Psychology, 2nd is History
State: VA, public school
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: pretty low (30-40,000ish)
"Hooks:" I'm not sure if this is a hook, but my parents and I immigrated from Africa when I was younger (I consider myself African-American), Im a first generation college student (my mom has a hs diploma, my dad started & didnt finish hs)</p>

<p>I was wondering if I was aiming too high or too low & where else I should consider applying to. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Your AP scores are impressive. Get those SAT scores up, and focus on your essays. (For all schools.)</p>

<p>Chicago is a reach for everyone, and Oberlin/W&M should be high matches for you at the moment. You should be able to easily make it into Virginia Tech.</p>