Chances at UCLA & UC-Berkley

<p>I was thinking of applying here, but becuase my SAT isn't very high, i dont know whether i should. Do i have a shot at these 2 schools?</p>

<p>SAT: 1370(710M,660V)
SAT IIs: havnt taken them, but i know that i will get at least a 700 in writing and math IIC, and above a 650 in a science...(what would be the lowest SAT II i could have?)
ECs-500+ hours of volunteering at hospital, key club, spanish club, honor society, varsity tennis 4 years...</p>

<p>Out of state(idaho)
Asian Indian male
taken the hardest courses available at my school</p>

<p>The SAT I score is good enough. But the SAT IIs are the important ones. When the UC schools plug your numbers into their calculations they will weight the SATIIs twice as much as the SATI. You will probably want to have 700+ in science too, to balance out you SATI.</p>