chances at UC's and california colleges??

<p>it's my first time posting here. i'm going to be a senior at Alhambra High School in Southern California.</p>

<p>gpa- around 3.7 unweighted?? 4.0+ weighted</p>

<p>sat 1- highest 1800.. 2nd time- 1750. retaking 3rd time in oct 2005, trying to get at least an 1900- 2000+
critical reading- 530, 580 the 2nd time
math- 680, 620 the 2nd time
writing- 590, 550 the 2nd time
essays- 8, 9</p>

<p>sat 2's- math 2c- 710, us hist- 610. retaking math 2 in nov, cramming for bio e, might take chinese. never took bio ap... did take environmental sci ap though.</p>

<p>4 AP's total in hs career- us hist- 3, environmental sci- 4, government and calc ab this yr.
honor classes for all math levels since alg 1
honor/ap classes for history too.
AP exams in 2006- gov, calc ab, and psychology
never got below a C in hs.</p>

<p>4 years in MESA (mathematics engineering science achievement)
3 years in french club
40 hrs of community service
3 years in badminton
took psychology 41- infancy to old age at East Los Angeles College in summer of 2005
4 years in CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
top 4% in school</p>

<p>ethnicity- Chinese American
first one in family to go to college and graduate high school. first child of immigrant parents. i will need financial aid.</p>

<p>what are my chances of getting into UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSD? great? no way?
planning to major in science... haven't really decided on what type of science. i've been to the usc campus a few times because of MESA competitions and i really want to go there but i doubt i can get in and even if i do how can i afford it???</p>

<p>any other UC'S or california colleges you would like to recommend? feel free!</p>

<p>thanks! really appreciate the help.</p>

<p>UCLA: Reach
USC: Reach
UCI: Match/Slight Reach
UCSD: Slight Reach</p>

<p>Hehe, just a side note, I live really close to Alhambra High.</p>


<p>UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Slight Reach
UCI: Match</p>

<p>UCLA: Reach
USC: Slight Reach
UCSD: Slight Reach/ Match
UCI: Match (possible safety... in my opinion... it's not that hard for a well qualified instater to get into).. UCI also has good bio program</p>

<p>i really think everything's in match @_@,</p>

<p>really??? i think they're reach or at least slight reach... but then maybe that's cuz i think lowly of myself x_X</p>

<p>btw thanks guys!</p>

<p>no you're not thinking lowly of yourself, everything is a reach except uc irvine. however, any other UC is a match/safety - besides the ones u listed.</p>