Chances at UCs,Cal States and UW

<p>Hi here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2
ACT: 27
-math: 29
-reading: 20

<p>MY AP/HONORS classes 9-12 grade:
AP Comp
AP Lit
Calc AB AP
Bio H
Trig H
Algebra 2 H</p>

<p>Studend Gov: 1 yr
Soccer (school/club): 3yrs
Softball(school/club): 3 yrs
Volleyball(school): 1 yr</p>

<p>Volunteer at stanford hospital: 70 hrs
Work at a Dermatology office: currently
Work at a civil engineering firm: 4 yrs (still working there)</p>

<p>Im a female applying as a civil engineer major</p>

<p>california state resident</p>

<p>what are my chances at:</p>

<p>1.Cal Poly SLO
2.University of Washington
3.UC Davis
4.UC Santa Barbra
6.San Diego State University
7.Chico State</p>


<p>Unless there's something I'm missing here.</p>

<p>1.Cal Poly SLO - IN
2.University of Washington - Uhh.. Don't know about Udubb's entrance system
3.UC Davis - Probably in
4.UC Santa Barbara - In
5.UCLA - >.... < Eek! No comment. UCLA's been really erratic (if anyone noticed, UCLA's entrance rate was LOWER than Berkeley's)
6.San Diego State University - In
7.Chico State - In</p>


<p>(assuming decent SAT I, SAT II scores)</p>

<p>UCLA: Match
UCD: Safe Match
UCSB: Safe Match
Washington: Safe Match
Cal Poly SLO: Safety
SDSU: Safety
Chico State: Safety</p>

<p>If i base it you base it on my ACT scores will it be the same...because i did better on my ACT than my SAT..i got a i was just going to not submit that score.</p>

<p>bump it up</p>

<p>Have you taken SAT II's yet? Those are required for all the UC's. For the UC's it will not be possible for you to withhold that SAT score. When you go to send the SAT II's, the College Board will automatically send ALL of your SAT scores and thus the UC's will have it -- although it is not really an issue. They will use your ACT because it is higher and the UC's deem a 27 ACT to be a 1220 SAT. Nevertheless, you will still need some good SAT II scores to meet the minimum combined total scores needed to be considered; if your GPA is 3.5 or higher in the core UC required courses, you will need a minimum 3120 combination of SAT (or ACT converted to SAT range) and SAT II scores to even be considered and hopefully will be even higher than that. Also, the UC's put more weight on SAT II's than other scores when determining admission. Thus, it is very difficult to predict chances at any of the UC's without your SAT II scores. Assuming you do well on those you should have a very good chance at the UCs you list other than UCLA, which will be a reach. Note, you do not give your class rank for Eligibility in a Local Context. If it is top 4% or better, one of the UC's will likely take you -- till now that would have been a quarantee but because of increase in applicants and decrease in funding, the UC's have announced that even the ELC candidate is not going to be quaranteed admission.</p>

<p>Also note that the other schools, which do not require SAT II's, will likely see your SAT score even if you send only the ACT official score because high schools tend to put all of your scores on your offcial transcript.</p>

<p>At the Cal state schools you have a high chance of admission. At Washington, it would be a safety, with certain admission, if you were a Washington resident, but you should consider it about a 50% to 60% chance from out-of-state.</p>

<p>thanks...yeah i did very bad on my SAT 2s...540V...590M...630 Bio...but i took it soph year so im taking them all over in nov...</p>

<p>bump please!</p>

<p>I'd suggest studying for your SAT IIs - higher SAT IIs should help your chances at all the schools you are applying to.</p>

<p>alright thanks yeah i def need to bring them up</p>


<p>1.Cal Poly SLO...Safety
2.University of Washington...Match/Safety
3.UC Davis...Match
4.UC Santa Barbra...Match/Safety
6.San Diego State University...Safety
7.Chico State...Safety</p>

<p>Just my humble opinion. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>thanks blaineko</p>

<p>No problem....use ACT scores definately, if you do not want to take SAT II's. You should have a relatively painless time with your schools, just apply early and stay focused.</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents. Have a good one.</p>

<p>Cal Poly- match(bring that ACT up!)
Wash- not sure
davis- match
SB- match
UCLA- reach
SDSU- safety
chico- safety</p>

<p>Good list of schools. I'm saying match for UC's/CP because of your high gpa. However, an ACT of 29 or so would be better match.</p>

<p>Thanks Giants8307...yeah i retook the ACTs last week and i hope I got a better score!</p>