chances at UC's/ question

<p>yeah IM a junior and i was wondering what would be like minimums if there are any for GPA, SATs, etc...and how much do EC's count??? For EC's i got newspaper staff, violin for 7 years, indian vocal for 10, indian violin for 3 years, MUN, JSA board, National Honor Roll, GOlden State exam whatever for Algebra, school honor roll, and Community service...would that be enough...thanks in advance!</p>

<p>oh and when people say UC gpa, is that weighted or non weighted? how do you calculate that</p>

<p>i got a 3.7 sophomore year nonweighted and on my sats i took the princeton review practice one and got a 2160 on a bad day, so im hoping to get a 2250 ish...i got a 780 on math and a 12 on my essay.....</p>

<p>at the UC's, extracurriculars don't really matter tooo much because SO many people apply they pretty much look at GPA and SAT scores. Also, UCs -esp Berkeley and LA- are so unpredictable now, so you never know.</p>

<p>thanks....anyone else...I'm looking mainly at BERK, SD, and LA....weighted sophomore year i have a 3.8 ( i took only one weighted class) but this year im looking to get a 4.7ish......</p>

<p>also i would like to know my chances @ cornell and university of chicago...</p>

<p>comments would be highly appreciated...</p>

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