Chances at UCs, UW, Tufts, Vassar...?

<p>Based on my stats, how would you rate my chances at:
Univ. of Wash. (I'm a CA res)
Univ. of Puget Sound

<p>Sat I - 1370 (710 V - 660 M)
ACT - 30 composite (33 Eng - 34 Reading - 27 Math - 25 Science)
Writing - 740
Literature- 700
Math IC - 640</p>

<p>My ECs are pretty good, recommendations and essays should be very good.</p>

<p>Interested in language, international relations, history</p>

<p>Forgot to mention GPA - 3.7 UW 3.9 W
2 APs in 11th
English Lit. - 5
US Hist - 4
Taking 4 APs this year with a 4.0 so far</p>

Univ. of Wash. (I'm a CA res)-in
Tufts-60% chance
Vassar-60% chance
Wesleyan-40% chance
Univ. of Puget Sound-in

<p>Are you serious?? If so, you made my day. Does anyone else share neelesh's opinion? It's OK, you can ruin my day if you disagree with neelesh. I'll survive.</p>

<p>Any more feedback?? I really want to get a better sense of whether or not I should even apply to Tufts, Vassar and Wesleyan. I'm also considering applying to Brown, but I know that's a high reach. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>Assuming a decent GPA (which you omitted),</p>

<p>UCLA: Slight Reach
UCD: Safe Match
UCSB: Safe Match
UCSC: Safety</p>

<p>UWash: Safe Match
Tufts: Match
Vassar: Match
Wesleyan: Slight Reach
Puget Sound: Safety
Whitman: Safety</p>

<p>If you're in the top ten percent, then I would have to agree with the above assessments. Good work.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I think I'm only in the top 20th percentile at my high school, which is a very large (850 senior class) and competitive public school. I also think that a lot of students are getting higher gpas by taking classes that are not as rigorous as the ones I've taken. How damaging do you think this ranking could be?</p>

<p>Wow, your in basially the same situation I'm in. I missed the top ten too. I'm not sure how much it hurts you. Hopefully, they'll take into account the rigorous course load. I don't know enough about the cal schools, but I'd bump Tufts and Wesleyan up into the reach category. I'm very intersted in Tufts too (unless I get into my ED school :)).</p>

<p>What's you ED choice? I'm considering applying ED II to one of the 3 east coast schools, but I'm not absolutely sure I want to go to school so far from home. I'm hoping to visit them during my winter break, to help me decide about ED II. I realize they'll be taking finals at that time, but it's the only time I can go. Do you think my chances will greatly improve if I go ED II?</p>

<p>Haha, I also think I'm going to do ED II, to Tufts. And I too hope to visit, maybe during december sometime. I do think it will help, but I'm no expert. Vassar and Wesleyan are equally good schools, but I want to be next to Boston. Oh yeah, and I applied ED to Northwestern (my fingers are crossed).</p>