Chances at UCs

<p>What do you think of my chances at UCB, UCLA, UCSD?
Im from a San Diego public high school.</p>

<p>Academic GPA:
w- 4.44
uw- 4.00
10-12 GPA:
uw- 4.00
rank: 4/450</p>

<p>SAT: 1920, Math- 620 (trying to improve here), Writing- 630, CR 670
ACT: composite- 30, math-31, english/writing- 30, reading-26, science- 30
SAT Math 2- 770
SAT U.S history- 710</p>

<p>AP classes: Spanish, Stat, Calc, U.S hist, World Hist, Environmental Science, Psych</p>

Varsity tennis 4 years
worked 4 years at tutoring center
summer internship at local biological firm
various school clubs
volunteer at library
school outstanding math student award
various tennis awards
AP scholar w/ honor</p>

<p>essay is about a personal struggle ive gone through.</p>

<p>thanks a lot</p>