Chances at UC's

<p>Do I have a chance at the UC's?</p>

<p>High school GPA: 4.27 (Weighted), 3.96 (Un-weighted)
Rank: 17/478</p>

ACT: 29
SAT II's: Taking this November (expecting all 3 above 650 at least)
AP: 4 - AP Calculus AB, 3 - AP Physics, 3 - AP World History, 2 - AP US History
Current AP’s - AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Psychology </p>

• 17th place (out of 102 teams) in nation in Team America Rocketry Competition held in Virginia (May 2004)
• 2nd place (Galileo Award) in Science-palooza (County Science Fair in San Jose, 2002)
• Several Academic Achievement awards
• Renaissance throughout high school</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities
• Volunteer at The Tech Museum of San Jose - 1 year; 70+ hours
• Volunteer at Discovery Museum of Sacramento - 1 year; 50+ hours
• Community Service for high school clubs (Interact Club and NHS) - 50+ hours
• Community Service at Sikh religious temples - 50+ hours
• Built several 2 stage rockets for school rocketry club (1 hour after school everyday for 6 months)
• Treasurer of Rocketry Club
• Secretary of Muslim Student Association
• Involved in local religious activities
• Tutored peers at library during freshman and sophomore years at San Jose Public Library
• Member of Interact Club, National Honor Society, Rocketry Club, Muslim Student Association</p>

<p>Work Experience
• Currently employed at Score Educational Center (started May 2004)
• Job Description - Tutor students (from Ages 4-17) and help them in Math, Reading, Science, and various other subjects
• Floor lead at the Exhibits in The Tech Museum of San Jose (volunteer)</p>

<p>Personal Career Goals
• Career - Dentist
• Bachelors - Biology / Biological Sciences</p>

<p>I'm thinking:
UCB - Reach
UCLA - Reach
UCSD - Match
UCD - Safe Match
UCSB - Safety</p>

<p>Does this sound about right?</p>

<p>Anyone please?</p>

<p>Anyone? If you click, please leave a few words.</p>

<p>What the hell now?</p>

<p>ok im not the most knowledgable but i think that u stand a good shot for all of them.
if u live in california which im assuming u do, and have the elc thing you should be pretty set
plus ur sat2's...?
people overstate the difficulty of berkeley and ucla for cal residents</p>

<p>Yes, I live in California. Should I get some letters of recommendations to UC's? I can get a couple teachers to do that. I am sending a couple to USC. Thanks though, mtb. Anyone else? Also, I am ELC.</p>

<p>what do u think about my post?</p>

<p>In California it seems to basically come down to the race of the applicant. Although your profile is impressive, it is difficult to guage your chances in such an Asian-held school system that we have now-a-days. You have it seemingly easy everywhere in the UC system except UCLA and Berkeley, where they've enough technologically honed Asians than they can accomodate. Contrary to popular belief, Affirmative Action hasn't been abolished in CA, it's just been put under a different name. Also, your humanities are weak.</p>

<p>Anyway, I'm a Mexican-American who had a 3.33 weighted GPA in graduation, absolutely no community service, no job experience, and no high school club attendance that didn't even know what the SAT was until my senior year of high school, and I got into UCLA and UCI (The only two to which I applied) during what is likely to be the most difficult time to be accepted into the school. Your best bet is to play on your strengths with technology in your essays. The fact that your major is also not as competetive as say engineering or other "high demand" majors will also help your cause.</p>


<p>I would agree with your predictions.
Until we find out your SAT I/SAT II scores for sure,</p>

<p>UCB: Reach
UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Match
UCD: Safe Match
UCSB: Safe Match</p>

<p>my chances i mean...</p>

<p>Where are they, mtb? Thanks guys, anyone else?</p>