chances at UCs?

<p>based on stats alone:
GPA: 3.8
SAT: 1320
SAT II: math - 700, writing - 650, chem - 610
and also CA resident</p>


UCSD- in
UCSB- in
UCD- in

<p>Good chance for all of them. Apply to all. Only reach might be UCLA. But with a good GPA, SATs, and SAT 2's, you have an excellent chance. If you play some sports or are in some activities, its even better</p>

<p>BTW, I also have 1 more chances to take either SAT or SAT II. which one should I take? which one does UC prefer?</p>

<p>for SAT I, I got 1320(740 math and 580 verbal), i doubt that I can raise it above 1400, so I don't know if like going from 1320 to say 1380 makes any difference. </p>

<p>on the other hand, my SAT II is math - 700, writing- 650, chem- 610.
maybe I can raise the math to 750 and the 3rd subject to 650; don't know if I can raise the writing to above 700.</p>

<p>do you think is it better to retake SAT I or SAT II?</p>

<p>The UC's value the SAT II more...I would go for that</p>

<p>lets say u raise ur writing score by 100 points and ur chem by 90 pts. thats a total of 190 pts. multiply that by two (cuz thats how UCs calculate them) and u get an improvement of 380 points. Now the maximum amount u can improve on the SAT is 280 points (which is very hard). Common sense tells you to go with the SAT IIs.</p>


<p>UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCD: Safe Match
UCSB: Safe Match
UCI: Safe Match</p>

<p>It seems like everyone is a tad optimistic about xrangers chances. I would think that UCLA would be a reach, not a match. A 3.8 is not a bad GPA, but for UCLA, and with his SAT II's, I don't think it's a match.</p>