Chances at UCSB Cal Poly SLO etc.

4.05 weighted gpa
3.96 unweighted
30 ACT
30 ACT writing
3 APs: APES 4, APLIT 4, APCOMPSCI(haven’t taken test yet)
1 Honors: Honors Bio
What are my chances at UCSB, Cal Poly Slo, UC Berkeley, UCLA

GPA and Test scores are a little low for the top tier UCs. I assume that you are an engineering major, so just know that admission will be very competitive to all of these universities. Do you have any safeties?

Is your Weighted GPA, your UC GPA? Intended major?
Cal Poly SLO uses 9-11th grades so recalculate your UC GPA using 9th grades for SLO.
Does your school not offer many AP’s? You have a competitive UW GPA but your Weighted is a bit low along with your test scores.

I am also wondering what are your safeties?

business/economics major
9-11 weighted is 4.03

i have safeties

UCSB: High Match
SLO: Match

Good Luck.

Can you please chance me. I’m a SLO county resident and a Senior in HS. I’m applying to Manufacturing Engineering . I have a 4.09 Cal Poly GPA. I’ve taken 11 AP classes. I have 5 years English, I took a year of English at my local Junior College. I have taken a total of 4 Junior College classes. I took Algebra I and Geometry in 7th and 8th grade. My ACT Math and English is a 32. I have plenty of EC’s including Youth Symphony, Honor Band, Competitive summer long live-in Drum and Bugle Corps, High School Marching Band and a few other things. I also have held a job. My rigors are pretty maxed. I believe my MCA is about a 4720. Please chance me.