Chances at UCSB, UCI, UCD, and UCSD???Chance me! I will chance back!!

<p>I am currently a high school Jr. and I predict that my numbers will be like this, these will just be realistic prospectives.
Asian-American (if it matters)</p>

<p>wt GPA: 3.85ish
unwt GPA: 3.75ish</p>

<p>UC wt GPA: 3.79
UC unwt GPA: 3.61</p>

<p>SAT 1 score- 1800-1900 (hoping to raise it though)</p>

-CSF Member
-JV football, freshman baseball, golf jr and sr year
-330 hrs community service at third world country
-newspaper staff sophomore year
-Play guitar
-(hoping to do something over the summer after junior year)</p>

<p>AP Classes: AP Psychology (sophomore year)
AP U.S. History (junior year)
In senior year i will take AP Environmental Science
AP Gov/Econ (maybe)
AP Calculus AB </p>

<p>Freshman year:
English1-2: A/A
Geometry1-2: A-/A-
Biology1-2: A-/A-
Japanese 1-2: A/A
Modern Wrld History 1 AS:A (second semester took health) got an A
PE1-2: A/A</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
English 3 AS: C+ (second semester took regular English 4) got an A
Algebra 3-4: A/A-
Chemistry 1-2: B/B
Japanese 3-4:A-/A-
Modern world history 2 AS: A (second semester took contemporary world studies) got an A
AP Psychology: B/A
PE 3-4: A/A
Publications: A/A-</p>

<p>Junior year (just finished 1st semester, will make realistic estimates for second semester)
English 5-6: A/A
Pre-Calculus: B/B
Physics 1-2: A/A
Japanese 5-6: A-/A-
AP US History: B/B
Art 1-2: A-/A-</p>

<p>Senior Year (I will post classes i plan to take)
English 7-8
AP Calculus AB
AP Environmental Science
AP Gov/Econ (Still deciding whether or not to take it)
Nutrician 1-2
Teachers Aid</p>

<p>I think you're a low reach for most of these, get up your SAT and you'll be fine. But I think you'll get accepted to at least 1 of them with current stats. One thing that stuck out to me is your 330 volunteer hours in a third world country. Maybe elaborate on that in your essay? Could make a big impact.</p>

<p>Ya, I agree with Papertank487. </p>

<p>Irvine, Davis, & SB: Matches-ishhh :)
SD: Low reach prolly (I haven't looked at their general trends yet)</p>

<p>Just work on the SAT scores. & You'll do well :)
Write your essays about things you could write passionately about, & yes, the 330 hours is a highlight. :)</p>