chances at ucsb

<p>Can I get into ucsb or ucsc with these stats?</p>

<p>I'm applying for Business/Marine Biology.
SAT: 1250 (650v,600m)</p>

<p>Weighted Gpa: 3.83
Class rank: 37/~465 (only top 400 were ranked though)
Classes: Took standard classes and fufilled all UC requirements.</p>

<p>Notable Ec's: Honorary member of national forensics league.
Co-Founder and captain of ld debate team at high school
100+ community service hours helping homeless</p>

<p>i think you can definitely get into ucsc, but ucsb is becoming really competative. so i say ucsb is a maybe.</p>

<p>Standard classes as in no honors and no APs? If yes, and your school offers a fair number, maybe SC with a great essay but not SB.</p>

<p>What about pepperdine?</p>

<p>I forgot to mention that I took 1 honor class and 3 ap's.</p>

<p>pepperdine is a reach. i just realized that you said you only took standard classes, so i agree with what zagat said. ucsb is a reach too.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help, but I have one more question.</p>

<p>Are the state colleges (eg. sdsu and csula) fairly easy to get into with my stats? Also, are they decent colleges?</p>

<p>yes and yes ^^^</p>

<p>With the new info I'd say you'll get into some UCs, all of which are better than the CSUs except SLO for engineering.</p>