Chances at UF..? Will Chance Back!

<p>SAT: 1700</p>

<p>but projected:
CR: 550, M: 750 W: 700
Total ~ 2000</p>

<p>SAT 2:
Chem: 690 Physics: 800 Math 2: 700</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0/4.0
4.4/5.0 UF weighted
Rank: 35/477 (top 7%), best public school in the district</p>

<p>9th and 10th:
All honors classes</p>

AP Chemistry: 4
AP Psychology: 4</p>

AP Macroeconomics
AP US Government
AP Calculus AB
AP Physics C (mechanics)
AP Statistics</p>

11th: Joined 6 clubs and won 2 medals in a technology competition
12th: Swim Team
Vice president of science national honor society
Vice president of TSA
Web master of Mu Alpha Theta</p>

<p>Service hours: 140</p>

<p>Male, White (Slavic? if that makes a difference)</p>

<p>I know my reading score is low, but I was born in Bulgaria and came to Florida at the age of 10. Will this make any difference?
I have a USA citizenship and have Florida residency.</p>

<p>My major of choice is Physics or Engineering</p>

<p>Very low income, so I need financial aid..</p>

<p>Chances at:
UC Berkeley
MIT (for kicks)
Georgia Tech</p>

<p>Any comments/suggestions appreciated</p>

<p>You have a good chance at all the schools except maybe MIT. Your extracurriculars are weak in their eyes, or just not as awesome when compared to other people that will be applying to MIT. You might want to consider retaking your SAT2 Chem and Math. Definitely shoot for more than 2000+ in your SAT1.</p>

<p>I expect "my" chance back:
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<p>Thank you for that, and yes all done.</p>

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<p>Assuming you hit your projected SAT score: </p>

<p>UF: Match/High match (a 4.4 GPA is a very safe place to be)
UC Berkeley: High Reach (OOS is very difficult)
MIT (for kicks): High Reach
Georgia Tech: Low Reach (CR needs to be in the 600s, hopefully higher)</p>

<p>Thank you. Do you think taking calc BC instead of AB and increasing my math2 to 770-800 would be worth it? Will it make a big difference for those high reaches?</p>

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