Chances at UF?

<p>Im a junior so im planning on getting these up a lot. GPA will be around a 3.3 unweighted, 3.5 weighted. </p>

<p>Year Entering College: 2011
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
State of Residence: Oregon</p>

<p>Class Rank: Not sure, top 50% (i want to say ~160/384?)
GPA: 3.21 unweighted, 3.27 weighted (is goin up after this semester)</p>

<p>SAT: 1980
ACT: 27</p>

<p>All honors/AP
ACCEL English 2nd year
AP English lang & comp
AP Psych
AP U.S. History
WIll be taking PSU Prob & Stats next year (Portland State level course)</p>

<p>Hopeful major:
1)Computer Engineering/Science
2)Business Administration

ACCESS program (new program for kids who test in the 99th percentile in the nation)
Varsity football
Varsity lacrosse
Held a job since august of 09, had a job before that from june 08-august 09
i know i havent done a lot of community service but im planning on doing a global leadership program this summer. looking to get 100+ hours at least</p>

<p>Letters of rec: Not quite finished looking yet, but two of my high school teachers so far.</p>

<p>you need to retake the SAT, and may need to dramatically improve your unweighted GPA. out of state admission is harder than in-state, and you need to exceed the current average freshman profile by a good margin.</p>

<p>"out of state admission is harder than in-state"</p>

<p>This is an understatement for sure! UF admits 97% in-state, 3% out of state. I have heard from GCs that UF mostly admits in the top 5% for class rank.</p>