Chances at UGA (in state)

Asian American
High school senior
I attend a highly respected magnet school in the state of GA. The school I attend always ranks in the top 4 every year.</p>

<p>GPA = 3.2 (class rank is 37 out of 82, 3.2 is my unweighted GPA HOPE GPA but my OVERALL GPA is a 3.5, my weighted GPA is a 3.9 because my high school only offers honors classes and AP classes)
SAT score: 670 Math, 620 Reading and 650 writing (1940, I plan on retaking it)
Extra Curricular activities: HOSA member, Soccer Team member, Ecology Club Member, I AM FIT Ambassador (leadership position), Academic Decathlon (won many medals in it) and I did 1 month observership at a doctor's office during the summer.</p>

<p>Volunteer Hours: 40 total (most of them spent in the hospital and I did a total of 12 hours in helping to clean up a lake).</p>

<p>As you guys can see, English is not my first language. I arrived in America when I was 11 and I did not learn English until I was about 12. I also struggled a little my first 2 years at a competitive magnet school but ever since then I have done well. My GPA in the first 2 years of high school was a 2.8 (unweighted, it was a magnet school and I struggled). My junior year I made All A's and so far I have ALL A's as a senior. Grades are upward trend.</p>

<p>Also chance me at other schools as well:</p>

<p>Ohio State University (Columbus Campus)
James Madison University</p>

<p>here are two schools I plan on applying to:</p>

<p>Boston College and U Mass Amherst (as you can see I know both are reaches but I want to know my chances at them).</p>

<p>also if it all works out, I would LOVE to attend Ohio State University. I don't know how my chances are there. I already sent in my application for UVA and Yale (guidance counselor says I have a shot at UVA but I probably won't get into Yale).</p>

<p>Hi, thanks for chancing me at GT. If your UW GPA is 3.2, I think it's a little bit of a reach. Your test scores are plenty good enough, but your UW GPA might hold you back, and that's something UGA really looks at.</p>

<p>As for OSU and JMU, I say Match for OSU and JMU is a slight reach, again because of your GPA, because your test scores are fine. I had to research those schools though, so I don't know much about them beforehand (I know, I'm a noob :()</p>

<p>chance me and I will chance you back</p>

<p>i am from GA. You have a good chanc but i know that uga look at gpa first of all but you went to a magnet school so it was challenging there, also your sat are on point, yale is probably not going to happen for you, also OSU is going to be a reach for you only because you are out of state. stick with uga and maybe try for ga tech.</p>

<p>chance me back</p>

<p>U Mass Amherst is not hard to get into. But this seems like yet a NEW college list, protagonist. And I thought you couldnt wait to get out of GA and had no interest in applying to UGA. What changed? BTW, have you spoken to your GC about the calculation of the HOPE GPA?</p>

<p>JYM: U Mass has been on my list. As for getting out of GA, well that is my desire but in case everything does not fall in place I want UGA to be a college I can attend for my undergrad.</p>

<p>Can we get off the whole thing about past posts plz?</p>

With all due respect, when the list of schools seem to constantly change, and opinions about schools and states shift from "I hate this place with a passion-- will never go to UGA" to "what are my chances", it causes one to wonder about the veracity of the posts. IIRC, you were considering Armstrong State and one other in-state (I forget) but were ADAMENT that you HATED UGA and would never go there. Now it is a "chance me" thread for you?? Can you not understand, when posters heads stop spinning, why they might question what is going on?</p>

<p>Please just tell us which of these 19 or 20 schools you had been considering made it to your final 8:
Ohio State University
University of Vermont
University of Delaware
University of Minnesota (might take off my list)
College of Charleston
James Madison University
University of New Hampshire (it may be a better deal than UVM which costs 33k per year for tuition)
John Carroll University
One of the SUNYs perhaps
Boston College
James Madison University
Beloit College
and my third choice is a tie between UMass Amherst and John Carroll.
Augusta State
Armstrong Atlantic State
and now UGA</p>

<p>IIRC, you said you'd applied to the 3 instate (Mercer, Augusta St, Armstrong Atlantic) as well as Yale, Beloit and BC. You raved about OSU, so am guessing it is on the short list. If U Mass Amherst makes the cut, then aren't you at 8? Why throw in UGA if you really didnt/don't want to go, and it goes over the 8 limit?? It is hard to follow. What school will have to be cut if you add UGA? Wait, didn't you already apply to UVA? Wouldn't that already cap the 8 limit you mentioned was set by your school?? If so, why still do "chance me" threads?? Didn't you say this
Problem is I really do not want to go to UGA.
I did not like it at all when I visited. </p>

<p>I liked Armstrong Atlantic but both schools are my back ups. I want to attend James Madison University, hope it works out financially


The mantra around here is "Love they safety". If you DON'T like, UGA and don't want to go, DON'T APPLY. If you have other financial safeties you prefer, use that last application for a school you really want to attend. Don't throw it away.</p>

<p>Quit bringing up the past.</p>

<p>I have already applied to James Madison, UVA, and Yale University.</p>

<p>For in state, I have applied to Augusta State and Armstrong.</p>

<p>I didn't apply to Boston College because it was around 50k per year, that is too much for undergrad. </p>

<p>Seriously, just let go of the old crap and answer my current question, you are looking like an obsessed stalker to everyone by following me around and posting past crap. I am done with "parents" forum since it is a waste of time. </p>

<p>As for my list </p>

<p>Ohio State = seriously considering but don't know my chances.
University of Vermont = 33k for out of state tuition, wow!
University of Delaware = really having second thoughts.
University of Minnesota = seriously do not know my admissions chances there and I don't know how life in Minnesota is. Tuition is good.
College of Charleston = funny story, I kind of visited SC this past weekend and it seemed boring, not my type of state.
James Madison = applied
UNH = don't know, out of state tuition is 26k.
John Carroll : 28k for tuition, don't know a thing about their scholarships
One of the SUNYs: Which one!? I may need to put that on my out of state list
Yale and UVA = applied
Boston College = too expensive and financial aid I heard is not good
Beloit: still considering depending on how it all goes to be on my list for two more out of state schools.
U mass: I love massachusetts and UMASS seems less Expensive than BU or BC
ASU and Armstrong = applied (two safeties)
Mercer = visited and seemed like a boring place, made the place I live in look like NYC.
UGA = parents are urging me to apply, I am thinking about it too since if it all does not go well, I have HOPE and I can end up at UGA. I may have a better chance at a prestigious grad school if I excel at UGA since UGA is a tier 1 school. I really do not want this situation but parents say that I can transfer after my two years.</p>

<p>So there you have it. Now can we let old stories go?</p>

<p>Quit bringing up the "past"?? You mean as in what you wrote ONE MONTH ago?? Thats laughable, especially to those of us who have been around here for many years. Instead of continuously attacking people who genuinely tried to help you (most of whom untimately gave up after your constant verbal assaults and inconsistencies), you might want to consider for a moment how you have come across in your posts. They are your legacy. They do not go away. They remain here for any and all to read, should they choose. So, rather than attack others because you change your mind, provide incredible inconsistencies or don't like what they say, maybe it is you who should think before you type.</p>

<p>As for your latest (today's) list, which I will assume may again change until you actually hit "send" on 8 applications, you can always attend a smaller school like a community college, Augusta State or Armstrong, enjoy the small environment, do well, and transfer to UGA later. </p>

<p>Please stop attacking adults. It really makes you look bad.</p>

<p>Oh- and be sure your GC correctly recalculates your GPA for the HOPE. You do get credit for those AP courses she told you you don't and AP classes get weighted. I sent you the link to the HOPE calculation a few days ago... in the "past".</p>

<p>It is laughable that you are so sensitive, you bring a past post onto this thread because you are holding a grudge.</p>

<p>Adult? Ya right, you seem like a disgruntled adolescent to me. Attack people? Not my fault everyone is sensitive and superficial in reading my posts.</p>

<p>Been around for many years? Get a life.</p>

<p>You so misunderstand. I have no grudge, and I am not sensitive. Just using data to support a statement. </p>

<p>I really do hope you attend school out of state. This state will do well to have one less fool like you. Good riddance. Maybe there is a reason you were mercilessly picked on in school. Its making a lot of sense. I do hope you learn to let go of that giant chip on your shoulder. It is weighing you down.</p>

<p>Ha, you were ****ed because I wanted to get out of Georgia. You ARE sensitive, just in denial thats all. As for getting mercilessly picked on, yea walk in my shoes in that situation and see how happy you come out.</p>

<p>You have issues, you need some counseling. This state is would do well to keep a fool like you, that is why it is ranked in the 40s when it comes to education.</p>

<p>Please stop making a total fool out of yourself. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Just go away. I will not waste any more time responding to ridiculous insults and pure stupidity. Other adults wised up a long time ago and stopped wasting their time with you. I shall join them. If you feel the need to continue to hurl insults, have fun with that. It is truly sad that you had such a troubled, disturbed childhood, and you apparently have been seriously scarred. You seem to have a Napoleon complex and have a sad need to attack others. That is most disturbing. If my kids ever, EVER spoke to an adult the way you do, there would be serious consequences. Learn some common courtesy. And if you crossed the bridge from GA to SC or somehow made some momentary foray into SC and decided that the state of SC in its entirety isn't for you, I am happy for SC.</p>

<p>Go away? You need to follow that advice creep.
Total fool out of myself? Oh and I was the one who started this whole fight. You came out of nowhere apparently disgruntled and emotionally hurt about my past posts that you felt a need to attack me instead of giving helpful advice. As for joining the other adults, cool then, less morons to bother me and tell me tragedies (I have enough of those to read in literature). If anything, you were the crybaby that came in and looked like an idiot, regardless of what your e-friends say, what you did was immature.</p>

<p>Troubled and disturbed childhood huh. I had a great childhood, I had the privilege to live in states like New York, Massachusetts, California and in other countries like France and England. My childhood was a dream, then I got to Georgia and that is where the whole disaster began. </p>

<p>You have rudimentary reading skills. I didn't attack anyone, I just came in and posted my question, got an okay answer but you came in with the whole story about how your e-friends feel and now this thing begins. As for your kids, if you were ever my father I would jump off a bridge. You are the farthest thing from an adult and probably a creep sitting behind a computer screen holding a grudge.</p>

<p>I am not going away from this topic, you are. I started this topic and I will wait for my answers, you can pick a corner and cry it out.</p>

<p>OK, let's all calm down. I don't know anything about these past posts and all, but it is true that it is hard to give advice if the student is unsure of their own goals/wants/needs to the point of distraction. Of course it is normal at this stage in life to have swings and changes in direction, but when you do please be respectful to those that feel frustrated because they think they wasted their time giving you advice before. Maybe in fact it was that advice that helped you move in certain directions, but if that is the case you should at least acknowledge it. In any case, let's assume this new list is one that you have settled on after deliberation, and because it is close to deadlines you have to finalize these things anyway. Good reason for assuming it is a more concrete list I think.</p>

<p>IMO, you have zero chance at Yale. I am not sure why you even applied, but I guess there is little harm in that. Your GPA and SAT's are far below the typical Yale student, and frankly you would most likely wash out there anyway. It would be a terrible fit academically. The same is true for UVA, no chance. You just don't have the track record.</p>

<p>The others depend a lot on how well they know your high school and how tough it is. Even with that, your SAT's, while decent, are hardly going to make you stand out. I haven't looked into UGA much, and maybe they do value GPA that much, but it still seems to me you have what it takes to get in. And that average GPA they list of 3.8 is clearly weighted, so you actually seem to be a match there too. Your SAT's are towards the top of their mid-50% range. As far as OSU, you happen to be applying at a good time. What I mean is that a lot of schools are actually favoring OOS students because the tuition is higher, and they are totally strapped for money. So this might help you. Have you considered schools like Arizona State? Might be worth looking into.</p>

<p>Looking at the rest of your list, you say on the first 11-23 post you are applying to BC, then just 2 days later say you aren't because of cost. That's fine, but I think it is an example of jym's frustration with your seemingly constantly changing situation. But that is just one example, so let's not dwell on it. UMass is a possibility, for the same reason as OSU mostly. I would think again about Delaware, it is a good school and a nice college town. Don't dismiss it too easily. Minnesota is tougher for you. Probably lesser chances there. C of C - you would indict a whole state on one visit? Seems a bit extreme, but go with your gut. If it isn't for you, throw it out. James Madison is a reach but possible, your SAT's are at the bottom of their top 25%. They say the average GPA is 3.7, but that is no doubt weighted. So I think you have a decent shot there. The others like Armstrong and Mercer are safeties, obviously.</p>

<p>So in short, you 2 stop fighting and Protagonist, try to have a better understaning of how a confrontational attitude is not appropriate towards people that are trying to help. If you really did change your mind a lot, try to see how frustrating that is for people on here. You don't have to defend yourself to me, if I am right I am right and if not, well then I am not and you can ignore this. But don't just dimiss it all out of hand as everyone else is a jerk and they are wrong. The great thing about college is that it is the perfect time to start over completely, with a whole new group of people. The more honest self-reflection you can accomplish, the more you will enjoy your time wherever you end up. OK, buddy?</p>

<p>"MO, you have zero chance at Yale. I am not sure why you even applied, but I guess there is little harm in that. Your GPA and SAT's are far below the typical Yale student, and frankly you would most likely wash out there anyway. It would be a terrible fit academically. The same is true for UVA, no chance. You just don't have the track record."</p>

<p>I am done here and done with this site, I will follow the advice of my guidance counselor. PS: I believe I have a chance at UVA (taking SAT in a week).</p>

<p>As for Yale, I bothered applying because I know miracles happen and I know I have a chance just like anyone else.</p>

<p>This site is a waste of time, thanks for the advice on the other colleges though.</p>

<p>As for your friend, no one asked for his help and no one asked him to stalk me.</p>

<p>No one is stalking you, protag. Sorry you feel that way. Posters read and/or post on all sorts of threads for any of a variety of reasons, and a UGA thread caught my eye, before I saw who posted it. </p>

<p>That said, the thread was surprising, in light of your vehemence about UGA just a few weeks back. If you by chance already have 1 or 2 in-state safeties under your belt, then why bother to apply to a school you don't want to attend? It is time to nail down that application list. Don't throw away an application on a school you don't want to attend, especially if you have a lot of reach schools on your list. If your strategy is to have a few safeties and then go for the reach schools with your remaining available applications (you are limited to 8 right?) then do it. My s took one look at UGA, hated it and didnt apply. Other s didn't even look at it. Neither of my kids applied to UGA. You shouldn't apologize for not liking a school- that is fine. (There is a great thread about silly reasons why kids didnt apply to different schools. Pretty funny thread.) But it is time to finalize your list and get those applications in. You had a list of about 20 and wanted to narrow it down to 8. To add more schools to the list seems counterintuitive. </p>

<p>As folks have said, the inconsistencies in posts make it hard to provide meaningful responses. For eg, wasn't it you who said

I can say that I messed up when I was young, didn't have parents around to help me and I was a 14 year old left out to face the cold world. I made some wrong decisions and because of those I won't be going to Harvard or Yale (not for undergrad at least)

That sounds different than the dream childhood you described above. Point is, as has been said elsewhere by many other posters, parents here do try to help kids (though the kids may not always like what they hear) but when it becomes harder and harder fo follow the bouncing ball, it causes posters to get frustrated and to wonder about the veracity of the information. </p>

<p>If you truly have a passion for a school, apply and write an essay as to why that is the best place for you. Show the passion , the knowledge and understanding of the school, its programs that are best for you, etc. Some of the schools you have written off actually had some pretty neat opportunities for premed students- opportunities to work in the local hospitals as early as freshman year. Do the research and you will find what you want. There are parents here who can tell you all about them, if you would be a little more open to hearing what they have to say.</p>

<p>FYI Protag, I can now officially say you are every bit the twit everyone else has said. Of course you are right and dozens of others are wrong. Oh well, it doesn't matter. When all those rejections come in (which you will never be able to admit now, but there is zero doubt), you will see we were all right and just trying to help, and you did nothing but crap on everyone that was sincerely trying to help. I said nothing mean to you above but you come back with an attitude. Real nice, I can see why everyone loves you (sardonic enough for you?). Good luck at Armstrong.</p>