chances at UMD and UC's

<p>im a junior in HS right now, just doing some pre-planning. im mostly trying to figure out what i need to do in the next 15 months to increase my chances.</p>

<p>my grades are pathetic, 3.1-3.3 GPA
my test score however will be very good. im hoping for an 800 on sat math, and atleast 2150 overall. for the ACT, a 32 would be nice.</p>

<p>i will take ap english, ap chem, ap euro, and ap us</p>

<p>i have average extracurricular activities, possibly even scholorship level wrestling abilities though i dont plan to wrestle in college.</p>

<p>if it helps, my sister got into UMD honors programs with slightly worse test scores, but much better gpa and activities.</p>

<p>i dont think i can afford anything without a scholorship, so im wondering how much of a reach umd honors is for me. im thinking all of the UC's are also a reach?</p>

<p>are there other match colleges near san diego?</p>

<p>UMD's average applicant GPA is 3.86 UW according to their last Common Data Set submission (2005). It is tough to get in these days, esp. in the more well-respected programs (comp sci, math, engineering).</p>

<p>i put in a 3.3 gpa into admission chances .com and it said out of a 4.3 possible that puts me 81 percentile? no way 3.3 can even be above average. </p>

<p>i'd also like to know some about extra curricular activities. i do tons of sports, averaging 2.5 sports per year, am best on the team for one of them, but i play 0 instruments and have 0 community service hours.</p>

<p>picking up an instrument is not an option but how beneficial would x amount of comm. service hours be?</p>


<p>Assuming you are a California resident,
UCB/UCLA: Super Reach
UCSD: Reach
UCI/UCD/UCSB: Slight Reach
UCSC/UCR/UCM: Match</p>

<p>I'd Look into san diego would still be a reach....maybe not ...look into it.....</p>