Chances at Umich Ross + other bussiness schools?

GPA: 3.7 UW 4.6W

First gen

Took 1 AP with honors classes sophomore year, all IB and AP classes junior (5 IB, 3 AP)


Ec’s: National Honor society (12th), Model UN (10th-12th), Academic club (11th-12th), Started a online business that sells clothes on Shopify, did invoices for my moms interior design business (9th-12th), Habitat for Humanity- built homes for families in need (11th-12th), Save what’s left club- picked up trash (11th-12th), Mu alpha Theta-math honor society (12th), + some more I’m working on but not finished yet.

Any insight/ advice appreciated

Do you live in Michigan?

No Florida

Ross is a reach for all OOS applicants.

Apply EA (they give preference to EA apps). The four essays and portfolio are very important, so give those the time they need to be very good.

Is U Mich OOS affordable for you?

Make sure you have match schools, and at least one affordable safety on your list.

Good luck.