Chances at umichign?

<p>College- LSA
SAT-didnt take
Unweighted gpa- 3.67 w 4.3
course load- 6 pre-ib, 4 honors, 9ap, 1local college class
AP composition -5
AP lit
AP gov/econ (counts as 2)
AP stats- 4
AP environmental science- 3
AP bio
AP psychology
AP calc ab
AP us history-4
Rank- top 15%
-60 hours with habitat for humanity
-volunteer tutor for 50 hours
-thumbs up club- community service 30 hours (treasurer)
-fashion blog freshman and sophomore year that earned 2,000 revenue and had companies email me for product reviews on my site
-25 hours a week part time job at shoe store where I sign people up for things constantly and work independently
-president and founder of UNICEF club- raised 2,000 dollars
-young democrats- phone bank, helped with campaign
-quiz bowl (captain 1 year)
-competitive cheerleading 2 years (first in state)
...I think there's more but I can't remember.. </p>

<p>White female from arizona! Public high school ranked in us newsweek.
Thank you!</p>

<p>Match. You have solid stats, but that 3.7 GPA could pinch a little.</p>