Chances at UNC-CH !?!

<p>I am a NC resident.
GPA: 3.9 unweighted/ 4.25 weighted
Rank: 44/567 (about top 7%)
SAT: 1270 (600M, 670V)</p>

<p>I have taken honors courses in all english, science, and social studies classes. </p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
English IV Honors
AP Govt./Economics (only AP class)
Physics (weighted class)
Spanish III
Trigonometry and Statistics

Lacrosse - 4 years (no I am not going to get a scholarship)
Leo Club - (service org.) 2 years
Work part-time - 2 years
Summer volunteer work at Humane Society
American Legion Boys State Delegate
National Student-Athlete Leadership Conference</p>

<p>i would say that you are in!</p>

<p>hey neelesh i have seen you have been writing alot about unc. I hope you get in too. I hope that your right. Im nervous haha.</p>

<p>thanks. dont worry. you will get in. you have a decent SAT, and gpa. there is no way they can reject you!</p>

<p>Darn you, in state man who will get in!</p>

<p>I hope you enjoy your UNC education that I won't get.</p>

<p>Anyone out there with any knowledge about UNC know if I have what it takes to get in? I wanna be a Tar Heel!</p>


<p>It really seems like everyone on this site is applying to Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>Yep, anyone else know if I have a good shot? Check out the top of this posting.</p>


<p>You have a good chance at becoming a Tarheel.</p>