Chances at UNC, UVa, Vanderbilt, and OSU

I’m a senior in high school (in Ohio) and I’m starting the application process. My top choices right now are UNC Chapel Hilll, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, and OSU.
ACT score: 34 (writing: 10)
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted: 4.33
Class rank: 12/277
All honors classes freshman, sophomore, and junior year, two AP classes last year : AP Calc BC (5), AP Bio (5)
Senior year schedule: government/AP microeconomics, AP spanish, AP english, AP art, and journalism
Extracurriculars: Key Club, Student Council, Art Club (president), National Honors Society (president), Spanish National Honors Society, job at a retirement home for two years, babysitter, tutor, videographer for girls soccer team for a year, 150-200 hours of volunteering, journalism staff member (writer and feature editor)
Awards: Chinese speaking and writing award, Freshman Art Student of the year, Junior English Student of the year, many awards from a local art competition (a gold key, 5 silver keys, and multiple honorable mentions), one of my pieces of art was ranked top 300 in my state (Ohio), multiple awards from OSMA for my journalism articles/layout
Special note: I was the founding president of our art club. Since my freshman year, I’ve worked with and helped my art teacher to establish the club (which does many art related volunteer events).
For my essay: I will likely talk about my love for languages and international culture (considering I want to major in international relations). My freshman year I was taking Chinese, but for a multitude of reasons I decided to take Spanish. In order to be able to take AP Spanish, I needed to study and test out of Spanish 1 and 2. Thus, in four months I learned two years of Spanish. I have recently started studying Chinese again and hope to be somewhat fluent by the time college comes so I can study abroad. (I’ve heard colleges like when you incorporate extracurriculars into your essay).

** my school offers roughly 13 AP classes that one student can take (technically 16, but I said 13 because there are four AP languages and one student can only take one of them). I added this because I know that admissions look at your schools profile when making a decision. Also, I’m a white male.
What are my chances at getting into UNC, OSU, Vanderbilt, and UVa? Thank you!