Chances at UNH

<p>I am a white female who lives in CT.
I have a weighted GPA of 3.69
I have taken honors courses and this year (senior) I am going to take two APs.
On the SAT (trial 1) I got 580 across the board (trial 2) W: 630 CR: 560 M: 590.
I am going to take the SATs again.
I am interested in Engineering (esp Chemical) and I have done really well in math and science. B/B+ in Chemistry Honors.
I have done A LOT of volunteering and I have other ec's: high school bowl and book club</p>

<p>So what is the likelyhood that I would get accepted?</p>

<p>I think you have a great shot. You have amazing grades and test scores so I don't see why they would deny you.</p>