Chances at Upenn, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon...PLEASE!!

<p>First here are my stats:</p>


<p>Gender: Black Male
Graduation Year: 2008
High School: Private
High School Type: rarely sends grads to top private schools ( most go to SUNY)
Will apply for financial aid: Yes</p>


<p>GPA - Unweighted: 95.274
GPA - Weighted: 3.926
Class Rank: Guidance counselor said 2nd
Class Size: She didn't tell me</p>

(Sat scores are from last year....taking again in march)
SAT I Math: 700
SAT I Critical Reading: 640
SAT I Writing: 660
SAT II Math Level 1: 740
SAT II Physics: 690
No APS offered at my school, only honors...will that hurt?</p>

Soccer (12 years) 4 year varsity starter and captain. 2 State Championship with club team
President of Chess Club
Capoiera (14 years) President of school Club
Music : Part of school orchestra, played guitar for at least 10 years
Founder and President of a peer-to-peer tutoring program at school
VP of Computer Club
Owns a Web/ Graphic design Company ( for 3 years
Office assistant for Heather J Best CPA
Over 200 hrs of volunteer/community service</p>

<p>I'm thinking of applying ED to one of theses schools (Major in Computer Science or if i decide on UPenn than Digital Media Design) :
Carnegie Mellon

<p>i have safeties their just not listed. But realistically speaking do you guys think i have GOOD chance at any of these schools assuming my GPA for the rest of this year doesn't drop and my SAT rises or at least doesn't drop?!?</p>

<p>Holy crap you own a company thats gonna look good I think.</p>

<p>cornell 80%
brown 80%
upenn 20%
carnegie 90%</p>

<p>stanman....what do you think i could do to boost my strength of getting into UPenn</p>

<p>stanman06, how can his chances go from 80% at Brown to 20% at UPenn? They aren't that different in admissions ...</p>

stanman06, how can his chances go from 80% at Brown to 20% at UPenn? They aren't that different in admissions ...


<p>Was wondering the same thing...</p>

<p>As a black male I believe you have a good chance anywhere. I would recommend even applying to some of the higher Ivies. Also, I don't agree with stanman06 on UPenn.</p>

<p>good chance should apply higher due to urm status =d gl!
edit: i meant look into higher schools but if those lower tier ivies are the schools you wish to go to then go there =D</p>

<p>yea the only higher ivy that i wish to apply to is Stanford, but the other ie HYP...ehhh they don't have the best Computer Science Programs as opposed to Cornell (Great Engineering) and Brown ( Open Curriculum)</p>

<p>Stanford is not in the Ivy League.</p>