Chances at UPenn Early Decision

<p>I am a Senior at an elite Philadelphia Private School.</p>

<p>1480 SAT, (720 V) (760 Math)
3.79 GPA in mostly honor and AP courses (10th in class out of 56)
I am Hispanic (male)
SAT II's 760 U.S. History, waiting for writing and MAth IC scores
5 on European HIstory AP, 4 on U.S. History AP
President of Senior Class
Editor of the Yearbook
National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
National Merit Commended Student
I live w/in the city of Philadelphia (Penn favors Philly kids)
Mother did her Medical Residency at Penn
Captian of the Rowing Team (may be recruited by Penn)
I was born with a facial anomaly and have had over 30 operations in my life.</p>

<p>Any suggestions as to what my chances are?</p>

<p>Penn College? 75%+.</p>