Chances at UPENN ED

<p>SAT IIs: 800 US History, taking Writing (will be a 740), and Math IIC (will be 740-800) in November. Taking World History in December and it will be an 800.</p>

<p>SAT I: 800 Verbal, 710 Math</p>

<p>My school offers no APs, but I take the hardest courses I can.</p>

<p>I had AWFUL 9th grade grades, but I'm trying to get them changed to pass/fail because they were in silly electives. My grades in math, science, history (C+:( ), and english were all solid. Grades this year and last are straight As. My GPA is somewhere between 87-89.</p>

History Award from school
Was made student ambassador to Latin America, and went on exchange to two Latin countries (hosted an Argentine too).</p>

<p>EXCELLENT recommendations, my teachers love me.</p>

<p>I wrote a solid essay, it's very good but not great enough to get me in on my own.</p>

<p>Tons of volunteer work, over 100 hours</p>