Chances at UPenn - M&T

<p>I'm really interested in UPenn's Jerome Fisher Management & Technology Program. Do I have a chance and if not which alternative would I have a better chance at (College of Engineering or Wharton)?</p>

<p>-African-American Male at a Suburban Maryland Public High School</p>

<p>-3.79 Unweighted GPA, 4.54 Weighted GPA</p>

<p>-Full IB Student
-HL English, HL European History, HL Computer Science
-SL Math Studies, SL Spanish, SL Physics</p>

<p>-6 APs
-American Government and Politics
-United States History
-Calculus BC
-Computer Science AB
-Physics C</p>

<p>SAT I (1410 - 720M 690V)
SAT II Math 2C 760
SAT II Writing 680
SAT II Physics (Taking in November)</p>

-MuAlphaTheta Math Honor Society (9-12)
-Peer Math Tutor
-IB Student Support Group (12)
-Provide tutoring and mentoring for younger IB students.
-Student Government Association (11,12)
-Leadership Council 2004-05 - Student Member
-Academic Team (10-12)
-Indoor Track and Field Team (11,12)
-Outdoor Track and Field Team (11,12)
-Digital Art Club (10,11)</p>

-National Achievement Award Semifinalist
-Maryland Distinguished Scholar - Honorable Mention
-Student of the Quarter 2003
-African-American Festival for Academic Excellence Award</p>

<p>Other Info:
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Summer Academy for Math and Science 2003 and 2004
-Differential Calculus (Course 21-115) 5 Units, Grade: A</p>