Chances at UPenn - M&T

<p>I'm really interested in UPenn's Jerome Fisher Management & Technology Program. Do I have a chance and if not which alternative would I have a better chance at (College of Engineering or Wharton)?</p>

<p>-African-American Male at a Suburban Maryland Public High School</p>

<p>-3.79 Unweighted GPA, 4.54 Weighted GPA</p>

<p>-Full IB Student
-HL English, HL European History, HL Computer Science
-SL Math Studies, SL Spanish, SL Physics</p>

<p>-6 APs
-American Government and Politics
-United States History
-Calculus BC
-Computer Science AB
-Physics C</p>

<p>SAT I (1410 - 720M 690V)
SAT II Math 2C 760
SAT II Writing 680
SAT II Physics (Taking in November)</p>

-MuAlphaTheta Math Honor Society (9-12)
-Peer Math Tutor
-IB Student Support Group (12)
-Provide tutoring and mentoring for younger IB students.
-Student Government Association (11,12)
-Leadership Council 2004-05 - Student Member
-Academic Team (10-12)
-Indoor Track and Field Team (11,12)
-Outdoor Track and Field Team (11,12)
-Digital Art Club (10,11)</p>

-National Achievement Award Semifinalist
-Maryland Distinguished Scholar - Honorable Mention
-Student of the Quarter 2003
-African-American Festival for Academic Excellence Award</p>

<p>Other Info:
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Summer Academy for Math and Science 2003 and 2004
-Differential Calculus (Course 21-115) 5 Units, Grade: A</p>

<p>Hey. I live in the area - are you at BCC? Just thought I'd drop by because I'm applying to the Huntsman program which is the other dual-degree program. Your GPA is great but your standardized test scores are a little low. I don't know if race will help you here, although it might not if you live in suburban MD. Just remember the dual degree programs are very select and accept a small percentage of students. I'm not saying you have no chance, but it's going to be hard with those test scores. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!</p>

<p>My daughter is a junior in M&T. I think your chances are quite good.</p>