Chances At Upenn?

<p>hey ppl i was wondering if u could give me some insight regarding my chances of acceptance to is my first choice for undergrad....</p>

<p>indian male from PA</p>

<p>sat i 1520
chem 770
math iic 790
writing 720 (yuck...i know...)
gpa 3.8/4.0 unweighted, 4.2/4.0 weighted
ap calc bc 5, chem 4, bio 4 (independent study), us history 5
currently taking: ap physics, english, govt, psych
rank: 4/385</p>

<p>red cross club cofounder and president
national honor society vice president
newspaper editor-in-chief
project greenways president
environmental club treasurer
mathcounts asst. coach
varsity tennis team state team championship runners-up (grrr)</p>

<p>hospital volunteer 350 hours
red cross volunteer 125ish hours
medical assistant at pediatrician's office
math tutor
big buddy/little buddy</p>

<p>pa governor's school
-did some genomic transformation research there for about 1.5 months....(is this really even significant?--i doubt it)</p>

<p>science fair awards
usual scam stuff--who's who, national honor roll, nylf medicine, etc...
national merit semifinalist (15000 of 16000 will become finalists, sooo keeping fingers crossed)</p>

<p>thanks for ur help</p>

<p>you have a very good shot if youre applying to the college methinks.</p>

<p>applying to the College?</p>

<p>yes--i'm applying to the college</p>

<p>good chances at hte college. frankly even if it was wharton you seem great. nothing particularly stunning in terms of EC's or awards, but excellent academics. you're great for the college</p>

<p>do you guys know anything about the acceptance rate for the college, in terms of percentages?</p>

<p>i think it is like 19%</p>

<p>31% or something for early decision</p>