Chances at USC for an EALC Major

<p>3.36UW GPA
AP Euro - 4 (randomly took test w/o taking the class)
AP Language - 4
Taking 5 APs senior year (Calc & Physics BC [even though I suck at math I'm up for a challenge >:D] Goverment, English Lit and Drawing)
760V/760M (Only took it once so that's my only score not a combo of my two highest)
USH - 710
Writing - 740
Math IC - 610 (I suck at math remember...I only got a good score on SAT I Math because those problems are more "puzzle-y" and I'm a pretty good "reasoner")
(Lame stuff) VP/Treasurer/co-founder Chess Club, 4 years as an active member of Japanese Animation Club, 2 years on the FIRST Robotics Team, and my friends and I have founded a Culinary Arts Club as seniors (we do Iron Chef contests and stuff) Other than that in my spare time I like to read stuff about Japanese history and learn Japanese from my cousin's gf (Not too good at it though); I also started volunteering at my local library but mostly because I like to spend as much time away from home as possible (I have tons of home issues that all my teachers know about and are busy discussing in their letters of recommendation...they're so nice to me T.T )
That's about all...So...I think I already posted in here before but I don't remember so let's ask again! What are my chances as an EALC - Japanese major at USC? It's my #1 school >.<</p>

<p>your gpa is a bit low, but that SAT score will definately make up for it, espically sicne that was on your first test. I think you have a good chance!</p>