Chances at USC/UMich/NovaBiz/NYUStern/BC/Northeastern?


  • US Citizen
  • New Jersey
  • Private Catholic (#2 Catholic Hs in the country; great relationships w colleges especially on the east coast)
  • White Male

Undecided Business

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • HS GPA(Not sure whether weighted or unweighted, meeting with teacher to ask tomorrow): 3.604 (Heavy uptrend; mainly held back by freshman year grades)
  • ACT Scores: 34 (Superscore): 35 English, 34 Reading, 34 Science, 31 Math / All non-superscored are 32


  • AP Lang & Comp this year (Junior year), AP Marco-economics, AP Psych, AP Lit, & AP Calc AB (Senior year). Took 3 years of Italian but was one year ahead, so finished Italian 4 this (Junior) year. Also (according to a college counselor not affiliated with my highschool but who has worked with my kids from my school), each regular class here is seen as an honors class rigor wise (most likely helps out more with colleges my school already has a good relationship with).


  • X-Country Runner (Soph, Jun, Sen)
  • Investment Club Founding Member (Frosh, Soph, Jun, Sen)
  • Spring Street CDC (volunteering, helping at soup kitchens, etc) (Frosh, Soph, Jun, Sen)
  • Runs my own dropshipping business (might help if going for business/entrepreneurial major, idk)
  • Solidarity Sleepout (Raise money for homeless shelter) (Frosh, Soph, Jun, Sen)
  • Cashier at local supermarket (Jun, Sen)
    Clubs that I’m in but not spending as much time in: Coding Club, Digital Media Club, Donate Life Club, Anime Club, Programming and Design Club, Sports and Debate Club, as well as a few others.


  • Currently working on essays with a tutor right now. I’m fairly skilled at argumentative writing (5 on AP Lang and Comp Exam, 10 on ACT writing, etc) but I struggle with creative writing. I have moved quite a bit in my life so was thinking about going down the route of how seeing so many different cultures has opened my mind etc. I have some specific/quirky examples people always say to add.

Cost Constraints / Budget

  • I’m fortunate enough to not worry about a budget, and as far as the schools I’m asking about here I’m not expecting any scholarship at all. I have a large list of safeties but just wanted to narrow the top.


  • USC is my #1 choice by far, but sadly they don’t do early decision. Because of this I was thinking about a plan of using my ED on a “Hail Mary” type school, specifically one that my school has a very good relationship with so it would get an extra little bump. However, if that plan turns out to be unreasonable, I’ve been liking Stern at NYU more and more, possibly enough to ED.

How many kids from my school have been accepted in the last 4 years (out of a class of about 120 per year)(USC: 16, UMich: 28, Nova: 87, NYU: 20, BC: 89, Northeastern: 26)

Any feedback would be appreciated, and don’t hold back any punches if you think some of these are way too far off! Also, feel free to add possible choices! Thanks!

Simply what were the others kids grades /stats that got accepted?Do you fit in that area? Your counselor should be able to get you solid information not just from Naviance… But for many of these schools you need to almost “A” out senior year.

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