Chances at USC?

<p>I'm currently a junior in high school, but I wanted to know where I stand while I still have time to improve.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.9
Weighted GPA: 4.0 (Probably higher, but my school stops at 4.0)
*Up-to-date with my first semester grades</p>

<p>I have yet to take the SAT/ACT, but my SAT tutor thinks I'm likely to get an upper 1300/lower 1400 (on a 1600 scale.) I'm aiming for 2100 overall. On the ACT's I'll probably get between a 33 and a 35, based on practice tests I've taken.</p>

<p>Honors/AP Courses:
English H (9th grade)
Biology H (9th grade) - 640 on SAT II, probably won't submit
English H (10th grade)
Geometry H (10th grade)
World History H (10th grade) - 630 on SAT II, probably won't submit
AP English Language (11th grade)
AP United States History (11th grade)
Spanish 3 H (11th grade)
Physics H (11th grade)</p>

Honor Roll/High Honor Roll - 7th Grade-Present
Community Service Club - Freshman Year-Present
DECA (Marketing Club) - Sophomore Year-Present
- Won at regional competition in Hospitality Team Services, competed at state level
- Competing at the state level in March
Peer Mentor Club - Junior Year-Present
I was certified by New York State as being financially literate (took an exam as part of a class, but did not know where to put it on here.)
Science Honor Society - Junior Year-Present
*Academic advisors have told me I will be inducted into National Honor Society, Business Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society... This year is my first opportunity to be inducted, because they only induct juniors/seniors.</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Office staff at day camp - Summer 2011
Daycare assistant at local facility - September 2011-Present
- Co-instructor of a weekly tennis class</p>

Taught middle-schoolers about financial literacy
Various events at the daycare center I work at
Tutor in chemistry and trigonometry</p>

<p>From a small New York (Long Island) town
Religious affiliation: Jewish (if that even means anything)</p>

<p>Probable senior year schedule:
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP U.S. Government
AP Macroeconomics
Spanish 4 H
2 English electives (My school does not offer honors for 12th grade - Is it bad to drop AP lit, on a side note?)
Marketing III</p>

<p>I'll hopefully get leadership positions two of my three ECs (DECA and peer mentor,) since I'm very involved.</p>

<p>I'm also planning on doing a summer program, either young scholars at UMD or business courses at FIT. I'd love to do something else, but money is a factor (ironic that I'm applying to USC, then.)</p>

<p>Projected major: International business
- I didn't note this, but I've taken 4 business courses since my sophomore year (one of them being college level international business)</p>

<p>Other schools I plan on applying to: University of Miami, University of Maryland, University of Texas - Austin, University of Washington, University of Delaware, SUNY Binghamton, and POSSIBLY UC Berkeley but I don't know if I should waste my time.</p>

<p>Any advice is greatly appreciated :-)</p>

<p>How am I incompetent? And what do you mean by "been there?"</p>

<p>Ignore the troll^. You have a great chance and I WOULD apply to berkeley as well. What do you have to lose? Just make sure to get good scores on your SAT and ACT and you shall be in grand shape.
Chance back?
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