Chances at USC

I’m a senior in high school from Georgia and I really want to go to university of Southern California for pre-medicine
My weighted GPA is 4.34
Unweighted : 3.88
I did full time dual enrollment at a local state school for my junior year and I am doing the same thing my senior year. I had 2 AP classes from 9th and 10th grade. By the time I graduate I should have 60 credit hours from dual enrollment. My GPA will likely increase next year because of the weighted Dual enrollment classes.
My SAT scores are pretty low and I am trying to get them up
CR: 580
I’m also taking the ACT in October
As far as extracurriculars go, have 100+ volunteer hours and a job where I work around 30 hours a week. Additionally, I play tennis and have run a few marathons on my own
What are my chances of getting into USC with my current scores?
Also what are my chances at Tulane?

Your GPA is competitive, but SAT needs to be in the 2100+ range for a good chance at USC.