Chances at UVa, Georgetown, Bowdoin, and others

<p>Hey all! I'm currently a Junior and extremely stressed about the college application process. I'd like some honest evaluations about my chances of getting into these colleges. I know most of the elite schools are seemingly crapshoots, but I'd still like some opinions outside of my guidance counselor's. </p>

<p>These are the schools I'd appreciate opinions on:
----- UVa (my #1 choice)
----- Georgetown
----- Bowdoin
----- UT Austin
----- UNC - Chapel Hill
----- UC Berkeley
----- UCLA</p>

<p>Sorry that it is so many. If you choose to respond to only one, I'd very much appreciate it; You'd win major brownie points!</p>

<p>STATE: Connecticut</p>

- I am a double legacy at UVa; my father and sister attended UVa.
- I am a legacy at Georgetown; my brother attended Georgetown.
- I am a legacy at Bowdoin; my sister attended Bowdoin</p>

- GPA: 3.75/4.0
- WGPA: 4.4
- ACT: 33 (35 English / 35 Reading / 34 Science / 28 Math)
- SAT II English Lang + Comp: 800 (5 on the AP exam)
- SAT II U.S. History: 800 (5 on the AP exam)
- SAT II World History: 800 (5 on the AP exam)
- I am a good writer so the college essays do not concern me.</p>


<p>Sophomore - Chinese III, Spanish II*, English IIH, Algebra IIH, Biology H, World History AP</p>

<p>Junior - Chinese IVH, Spanish III, AP English (Lang), AP U.S. History, Advanced PreCalc Honors, Chemistry Honors</p>

<p>Senior - AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP English (Lit), AP GovPol, AP Economics, Chinese VH**, Spanish VH</p>

<p>*I am in a lower level of Spanish because I began my sophomore year and then skipped Spanish 1. I taught myself Spanish IVH, so I am skipping to Spanish VH next year. Also, languages are not considered honors until level 4+</p>

<p>**I am not taking AP Chinese because it is essentially for native speakers only. </p>

- Varsity Rowing (2011 - Present) [I'm being actively recruited by a few schools]
- Mock Trial (2010 - Present)
- Debate Team (2011 - Present) [4th @ Osterweis Tournament in Yale]
- Saferides (2012 - Present)
- Acolyte (2004 - Present)
- Mission Trips (2010 - Present)</p>

- Mock Trial Captain
- Saferides Executive Board Member
- Rowing Captain
- Head Acolyte</p>

<p>I forgot a few things in the main post but can’t seem to edit it further.</p>

<li>I am a member of NHS</li>
<li>I am a white male.</li>

<p>I thank anyone who responds in advance; I’d love to know anything about my chances at those colleges.</p>