Chances at UVM (University of Vermont)?

<p>What are my chances at getting accepted at UVM? I was born and raised in Vermont and still live here. My GPA is around a 3.3 on my high school's scale. It would be higher but I struggled during my Freshmen year due to my Mom dying of Cancer. My ACT Composite is a 23 (low, I know). This year (Senior year) I'm taking:</p>

<p>AP Literature an Composition
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science A
Film Criticism
American Spirit</p>

<p>Junior Year:</p>

Driver's Ed
AP US Government & Politics
Pre-AP Calculus AB / Pre-Calculus
Latin I
Personal Fitness</p>

<p>My Freshmen and Sophomore years I took the standard Math, English, History, and Science courses, I also took some Foreign Language, Gym, and Art courses. Throughout Freshmen and Sophomore year I took:</p>

<p>Geometry, Algebra II, Earth Science, Biology, Global History, US History, Accelerated English 9 and 10, French II, Art I, Computer Animation I, Computer Animation II, Team Sports, Target Sports, Outdoor Education, Health</p>

<p>I also took a college math course at UVM during the summer of my Junior Year (I took College Algebra). I should also get some raving recommendations from previous Math and Chemistry teachers. Additionally, starting in my Freshmen year, I got heavily interested in higher mathematics. I've since taught my self calculus (single and multi-variable), basic differential equations, basic chaos theory, etc. I believe the Co-Chair of the Math Department said he'd include this in my Guidance Recommendation. I also recently got interested in Representation Theory -- I've been doing some work in that. I had an ex-English Professor (not from UVM) read my admissions essay and she's made some suggestions -- so hopefully my essay will be in tip-top shape by the time I submit it. I have also been holding down a job at a local grocery store since early-2008. I have also taken two online courses at VHS (Virtual High School). What would you say my chances are?</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>