Chances at Vandy?

I’m a highschool sophomore (girl) looking into colleges and it’s my dream to go to Vanderbilt. My school is the #1 private school in the state (Kentucky) and #1 school in the state (public and private) and has a great reputation.

Weighted GPA: 4.05
Unweighted GPA: 3.79
SAT: i got a 1400 on the PSAT (this is with 0 preparation, i will start SAT tutoring this month)
ACT: i have not taken it yet
AP credits: AP Government and Politics (only AP offered sophmore year, none offered freshman year)
Junior/Senior Year Planned APs: AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, APUSH, AP Comp Sci, AP statistics, AP Lang and Lit, and MAYBE AP Latin V
Other advanced classes: Advanced Algebra I and II, Adv. Geometry, Adv. Pre-Calculus, Adv. Physics, Adv. Chemistry, Adv. Biology, Honors (program which includes classes like philosophy, philanthropy and is well known by colleges (it looks good)

Sport Extracurriculars:
JV field hockey for 2 years and will be on varsity junior and senior year
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Track and Field: I have reason to believe i will be captain junior year if not sophomore year also
Varsity Swim Team

Academic Extracurriculars/Clubs (i am very likely to be president archery club in senior year):
Science Olympiad
Book Club
Girl-Up (community service club)
KYA/KUNA (kuna is kentucky united nations assembly, kya is kentucky youth assembly)
Archery Club
Mu Alpha Theta (math club/society)

Other Stuff:
Perfect Score on National Latin Exam (only 1 other person in my school got a perfect score)
15+ hours of community service, i will have at least more than 100 when i apply (i’m doing a lot this summer and next summer)
Education Justice Activists (tutoring, not a school it’s downtown with an official non profit)
Double Legacy-both of my parents went to Vandy

My main focuses this year are going to be my SAT and getting more volunteer hours. There might be more I’m forgetting but I think that’s it! Once again, vandy is my dream school so if anyone has any suggestions for things i need to add or fine-tune on my resume please lmk!! Hopefully the double legacy will help me if i’m lacking in one area.

Looks good, just do well on the SAT. Keep up the good work in classes/ECs.