Chances at various schools

<p>Just trying to see what everybody thinks of my chances...</p>

<p>I am either going to do tech or prelaw, depending on where I am accepted. With that said, here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.00 Unweighted / 4.37 Weighted
Rank: 3/375
SATI Math: 740
SATI Verbal: 750
SATIIs: Pending
AP Tests:
Calculus AB: 5
Physics B: 5
Physics C Mech: 5
Language/Comp: 3
US History: 3</p>

<p>(All academic classes were taken at the highest level of difficulty available)</p>

500+ Hours of community service
Served as systems/network administrator for my HS (10,11,12)
Member of the varsity JETS team (10,11,12)
National Honor Society (12) [not available 9,10,11]
Physics Olympics Participant (10,11,12)
Superintendent’s Scholar (9,10,11)
Most outstanding underclassman in technology (10,11)
Co-Founder of HS Physics Club (12)
(Several other academic awards)</p>

<p>I'm applying probably to MIT, Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, and UF. Any others I should consider?</p>


<p>gtech- in?
duke- good chance.
dont know about others
but hope you get in!!</p>

<p>Thanks Perkydesi, anybody else?</p>

<p>bump. Figured somebody else might feel like responding today...</p>

<p>You have really strong stats that are good enough to get you in anywhere, the question is whether or not your extracurriculars are that extroadinary - most of them are just academics based which hurts you, but you definitely have a chance at all your schools. I would guess your chances are:
MIT - okay
Cornell - good
Duke - pretty good
GA Tech - excellent (sure thing for in-state)
UF - sure thing</p>

<p>Thanks cboryca22</p>