Chances at Various Universities

<p>Hi, im a rising sophomore right now but id just like a prospective chance based on what will most likely happen over the next 2-3 years. Seriously, ive planned it all...</p>

<p>Financial Situation - Annual Income of family under 70k, if that matters?
Ethnicity - Indian
SAT - I've gotten a 2140, ill probably have it at 2250 by Junior year.
ACT - I've gotten a 33, im not gonna get to hopeful, maybe 34.</p>

<p>GPA - 4.00 UW, its gonna stay this way. Not that my school has grade inflation, but i have developed really good work ethic.</p>

<p>High School course outline (Includes courses outside school) </p>

<p>Freshman (A lot of random freshy courses, so ill put relevant ones)
Honors Geometry
Honors English
Honors Ancient World
Spanish 2
Again, buncha freshy courses like health, Intro to Business

<p>Summer tween 9th and 10th
Algebra 2 Online
Chem online
Studied Spanish 3, took proficiency exam, to go to spanish 4</p>

Spanish 4
Honors English
AP Chem
Anatomy and Physiology
Intro to Philosophy
Intro to Java (at local Community college)
Self-studying AP Psych
Self Studying AP Envrio</p>

<p>Summer tween 10 and 11
Dunno yet, something related to Earth Sciences and/or possibly another Philosophy course</p>

AP Calc BC
AP Bio
AP Physics C
AP Spanish
AP US History
Honors English
NO PE junior year (thank the heavens) so im looking to put something in this slot, dunno wat yet</p>

<p>Summer Tween 11th and 12th
Calc 3 at UIUC</p>

AP Stats
AP English
AP Euro
Modern US History 1 semester, Biotechnology next
AP US Government 1 semester, AP Macroeconomics next
Zoology 1 semester, Microbiology next
Differential Equations Indepent study (I stay with a teacher for a period, when they have no class, and they help me out, guide me i guess), Multivariable calc independent study next semester
Another Philosophy course (At local Community college</p>

<p>ECs (I will post volunteering and other stuff under different tabs)
Science Olympiad - i am EXTREMELY dedicated, this mere club changed my life freshman year, it was due to this club that i am now the hard working dedicate student i am. I medaled 1st in two events at state this year, so i can expect to win quite often here at the state level.
Math Team - Fun club, i love math, i placed #7 in Geometry at state in my division, so i expect to place top 10 in next few years in other subjects
WYSE -World Wide youth in Science and Engineering, i like this club, but i dont do exceptionally well in it.
Scholastic Bowl - Just a "for the heck of it EC" for NOW, but i plan to get better this year.
Tutoring kids at my school in math</p>

Library 50 hours
Local senior care center 200 hours
Local hospital 100 hours
Various other individual ocassions such as proctoring an event at Naitonal tournament for Sci Oly</p>

Kumon Math and Science Tutoring
Work in Chem and Physics labs at UIUC</p>

Tennis, Varsity as a Junior and Senior Most Likely
Swimming and Diving</p>

<p>Summer Camps/Internships
Summer after sophomore year - Competitive Biotechnology Camp at Georgia Tech or Research Apprenticeship Program at UIUC
Summer after Junior Year - Work at UIUC Chem/Physics labs and/or Research Apprenticeship program at UIUC, maybe WaterCamps internship program (science research)</p>

Obviously, medals and recognition earned at Club competitions
National AP Scholar
Hopefully qualify for USAMO :)
National Merit Finalist (not too worried, ive scored a 226, probably will score higher in a year)
Bosh and Lomb Honorary Science award</p>

Before High school, i was extremely lazy and addicted to video was a sad dreary existence. Thanks to Science Olympiad and inspiring upper class men, i decided i had to change, for my self and my future. Ill elaborate on an essay, but honestly that was a turning point in my life.</p>

<p>Chances for:
Cal Tech
Georgia Tech (Safety, but still a great school)
U Mich Ann Harbor (Safety)
Washington University in St Louis

<p>Chances for:
MIT- high reach
Harvard- high reach
Rice- reach
UPenn-high reach
Duke- reach
Cal Tech- reach
Georgia Tech (Safety, but still a great school)- match
U Mich Ann Harbor (Safety)- match
Washington University in St Louis- reach
Cornell- reach</p>

<p>You do NOT have any safety schools listed above, even IF you get a 2250 on your SAT and/or a 34 on your ACT, which remains to be seen. Maintain your uw 4.0 when the more rigorous workload kicks in. You appear to be a very talented student academically so hopefully you can do that. Put at least 2 safety schools on this list because I only see you realistically getting into GT and Mich based on your projected stats. If you are interested in studying Science or Engineering, the applicant pools are very competitive and a large percentage of applicants to these top ivy schools will have 2300 plus SAT and 35 plus ACT scores, along with a near perfect GPA. Even then it is a crap-shoot. Being Indian is not a hook, unless you are a Native American Indian.</p>

<p>Lol well i wasn't expecting much else...but is Rice really just a reach for me? Not even a low reach :( And what can i do to strengthen my application?</p>

<p>As for those ivies and MIT, Cal Tech, Duke, i understand, if i could get into even one id be ecstatic - again, what can i do to strengthen my app?</p>

<p>Also i know being indian isn't a hook, i never said it was lol</p>