Chances at Vassar ED II?

<p>GPA: 4.186 (weighted)
Top 18% out of 1140+ students</p>

<p>*I severely broke my leg and wore a halo with 13 external pins during my junior year and missed 3 weeks of school (my school is on the block system so this is the equivalent of 5-6 weeks). My counselor will be addressing this in her recommendation letter, as this really messed me up grade-wise... Also, at the beginning of my senior year i was in a pretty bad car crash and missed more school.</p>

<p>SAT I: 1320 (700v 620m - retaking)
Sat IIs: Writing: 740
U.S. Hist: 740
Literature: 700</p>

<p>AP Test scores:</p>

<p>European history: 5
U.S. History: 5
Human Geography: 5
English Lang/Comp: 4
World History: 4
Music Theory: 3</p>


<p>-Music: </p>

<p>Guitar - placed 1st in my heat in Guitar Center's "guitarmageddon" and placed 2nd overall in north houston. Attended a 5 week summer program at Berklee college of music (received a scholarship to attend and was placed in all lvl 4/4 classes) Played on school movie soundtrack and will be sending in excellent demo.</p>

<p>Violin - Concert master of orchestra in 9th grade, played on school movie soundtrack, and played in full band.</p>

<p>-Hockey - played on the varsity II team in 9th and 10th grade for roller hockey and on the varsity I team in 11th and 12th - lettered. in 9th and 10th grade, i also played on the houston jr. aeros ice hockey team (travelled extensively all over the country). I had to quit ice hockey after breaking my leg.</p>

<p>-Amnesty - 12 - Coordinator of governmental affairs.</p>

<p>-M.U.N. - 11, 12 - co-ambassador for france</p>

<p>-literary criticism team - 12 - asked by my ap english teacher to join as a senior - i'm one of 3 members.</p>

<p>Essays will be unique and well written.</p>

<p>Recommendations will be great (Ap english teacher who is also the coach of the literary criticism team, counselor, and 2 ex-admissions officers from vassar - they both know me very well and i've spent alot of time with them for other reasons than vassar)</p>

<p>I interview very well.</p>

<p>Given my current test scores, what are my chances? I'll most likely be able to pull my SAT up to around a 1450, but dont include that in your thought process. Based on vassar people i've talked to, SAT Is really don't matter all that much... They just care if you're in the range or not. Also, my skewed score of 700v/620m kind of supplements the fact that i'm pretty strong in history and english but fairly weak in math and science. I got As and 5s in AP euro/world, etc, but bs and c's in math :( (mostly because i don't care about math or science and i don't try, but shhhh...;)</p>

<p>Oh, i'm also a male from tx.</p>

<p>I'd say you're decent at Vassar...your SATs are pretty low but you're a guy so that helps. They accept about 52% ED and they tend to favor males so I'd say you've got a decent shot, yeah.</p>