chances at Villanova?

<p>My SAT is a 1910 (630 reading, 630 writing, 650 math) I have a 3.8 GPA 2nd decile in a VERY competative high school in Clarkstown New York. Nationally known HS. </p>

<p>English 9h
Math 1h

<p>Bio H, Math II H, Principles of Engineering, English 10, CAD, Spanish II, Global History H</p>

<p>*CAD-computer aided design, engineering course</p>

<p>Chemistry, Math III, English 11, Spanish III, CAD II, Global History H (2nd part), Critical Health Issue (Honors Health course)</p>

<p>AP Physics, Spanish 200-201 H, Math 12 (Pre Calc), AP American History, College Business Law H, Social Physc, Public Speaking, Journalism (English electives because i finished a year early)</p>

<p>AP Micro economics, AP Macro, AP calc, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP art history, AP Lit, Public Policy H (required for graduation)</p>

<p>I also do alot of extracurricular stuff including:</p>

<p>Ambulance Corps (over 1500 hours of community service) achieved NYS certification through a 4 month course) I have been Secretary of the youth corps there, 1st Liutenant, and now captain. Received a County Award for youth member of the year. Got certificates of achievements from state senators, congressmen, and town executives. Also was featured in the national first responder Newspaper as well as the Journal News. </p>

<p>started a youth chapter of the American Red Cross...first ever in my county we organize blood drives and do courses for the little ones (more community service in addition to the 1500)</p>

<p>JSA for 3 years, president and vice president of Engineering Club for 2 years, President of Red Cross for 2 years, National Honor Society for two years, science achievement award, Social Studies achievement award (3 years), Math National Honor society (Mu Alpha Theta), Spanish Honor Society. Citizenship Award, Whos Who Among American HS students (3 years). I also played hockey for 2 years in HS, physics also gonna have exceptional essays and brother also went to villanova for 1 year but transferred to the United States Naval Academy, idk if that will help.</p>

<p>I think it depends on the school. What school?</p>

<p>wanna do pre-med</p>

<p>Yes, your clearly qualified. Good Luck with your applications and decisions.</p>

<p>What are my CHANCES too for VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY ????? No one in my family really went to college so i need help im on my own. i went to a CC and first semster got a 3.9 took a winter class only one got an "A" and now second semster i am taking 19.5 cridets. i am doing very well at my CC but and am looking foward to transfering after this year but i dont know if my H.S record would help or hurt me? i got a 3.3 in high school and on the S.A.T's i got a 1290 on the new version! i get this feeling no matter how good i do in college my S.A.T score will just kill me. i also got an internship at a local hostipal threw my school and i am on the deans list if that helps at all these are the schools i want to transfering in if anyone can help it would help me soooo much you dont even realize. in H.S i got 12 college criedits first semster at CC i got 16.5 then winter session i got 4 and second semster i am taking 19.5 so as of now i have 32.5 but do colleges count my criedits that i am currently taking because then i have 52 with just one year under my belt n i have a really good rec letter from my dean too</p>

<p>Doogie311-You have a pretty good chance. I'm not saying you're def going to get in but it's def in your range. Your stats were kind of close to what mine were last year and I got in. So that's good news : )</p>

<p>Toga5410- To get in to Villanova you need about a 92 avg. or better (about a 3.7) and around at least a 1900 on your SATs. Villanova is def a reach for you.</p>

<p>villanovagirl..I'm a junior HS and will be applying to VU in the fall.Some of my stats...weighted GPA 98%,all H and AP classes accept English CP,AP Biology exam-5,AP World History-3,I'm taking AP Chem and AP Am History now , H Biochem,AP Physics,AP Calculus and AP French next year.I play 1st violins in HS Orchestra and also in a tri-county youth symphony.Overall playing violin in school orch.since 3rd grade.I also play classical piano since 3rd grade,advanced level now preparing for senior solo recital.My program consists works of Chopin,Mozart,Beethoven,Joplin.Member of National Piano Playing Auditions.So,science and music are my passions.And no,I'm not Asian :)))..actually a kid of european immigrants .I'm an avid skier and swimmer,but not doing varsity due to conflict with music schedule and school's coaches stupidity(his team is the ONLY thing that matters in a student's is for wimps).So I'm doing sports at my own pace with friends and familyfor a pure pleasure.
I volunteer in our local hospital since 8th grade and play many concerts for seniors in local nursing homes and clubs.I was inducted into Science National Honor Society.I don't belong to any clubs at school because people there just waist time collecting memberships to get into National Honor Society.I was nominated of course and NOT selected!
For my leadership project I chose to organize music therapy program for special needs kindergarden class.The children in class mostly have autism and cerebral palsy,the music helps them to became more socially interactive.I play for them and try to engage them in sing-along.I have few other HS students helping me -we play for the kids on weekly basis,few days a week.It's a great project,i get many thanks from the elementary school teachers and the children's parents. My hobby is playing table tennis and strategic video games with friends.Also watching british comedy...the Brits have hysterical sense of humor! Do i have a shot at Villanova or Georgetown?Do they offer any merrit scholarships? Where else should I apply? I think I don't have enough app.fillers-clubs and other bs for ivies.I basically do what I love and what I think is important.I want to became a doctor helping kids,either cardiologist or neurologist.
Any advice?</p>

<p>So I applied with a 3.5 gpa, will end high school with about 7 total AP's taken, 1900 SAT, 29 ACT, lots of EC's: Coached rec basketball for 4 years, Peer Counselor (VP), Started a Teacher Aid Club (VP), Debate (Treasurer), Tennis for 2 years, Lots of volunteering, CSF (cal scholarship federation).</p>

<p>My Chances at nova??</p>


<p>^^ solid shot, will prob come down to SAT scores and what school. What school did you apply to and what are your Reading and Math scores, i dont think nova checks writing</p>

<p>awk-- did you take the sat's/act;s?</p>

<p>I applied to Business, for reading I got 660, and math I got a 590</p>

<p>DiN009...I'm a junior..took PSAT-1900.I'm taking SAT and ACT in may and later in the fall of senior year.I plan to get no lower then 2200.I will take SATII also since Georgetown needs that.I will apply to TCNJ (NJ native),UV,Chapel Hill, UF,NYU,Villanova,Steven's ,maybe UPenn and Harvard.If all fails,I will go to Rutgers NB campus.My major is science -premed of some sort.I I want to play in some orchestra , symphony or jazz band-I'm stong enough to pass auditions for first violin and piano for sure.
Where else should I apply? I'm thinking about Creighton University NE since it is a "pre-med factory".Is College of William and Mary really so boring as I hear?</p>

<p>Good luck with that 2200! PSAT usually give you an indication of what you will get on your SAT's. Rule of thumb - multiply by 10 - although my daughter scored about 180 points higher on SAT that junior year PSAT indicated.</p>

<p>I want to go to Villanova School of Business.
im currently a sophmore at hs.
freshmen year classes-h.geo,,h.eng, history, span II, art I
sophmore year0 h. chem, h alg II, h eng II, H. american history II, span III, acc. I
my gpa freshmen year was a 3.7 and i was in top 9 percent of my class.
after school-jv tennis freshmen year, vice president of freshmen and sophmore class, and playing jv tennis sophmore year, part of the cultures club, and now part of community service
also, got a 178 on my psat. I am taking sat prep after school every wensday,thursday,and friday
If i continue to do this, will i have a shot at V.U?</p>

<p>deff, as long as that SAT prep helps you keep climbing</p>

<p>think a 1290 will be too low for VSB? (everything else is extremely strong)</p>

<p>Doogie - It seems like you have a pretty good shot. You have good grades and nice ECs. It seems like your SAT grades might be the only thing to worry about. I'd call it a low reach.</p>

<p>i know the average of villanova's gpa is a 3.7, but my questions is if it is weighted or unweighted?</p>

<p>i have a 96 average, 1380 SAT, class rank 10/330. soccer captain, 3 sport athlete, and more EC's than you can imagine. </p>

<p>WAITLISTED at villanova. (</p>

<p>i got into villanova on monday. 1190/1740. 4.25 gpa. top 8% in the class. loads on EC. i was deferred EA.</p>

<p>I'm halfway through my junior year and haven't taken the SATs yet. I'm waiting until June so I can hopefully improve as much as possible. My PSATs were: Math:49 (ugh), Reading: 66, Writing: 62. So 1770/2400, 1150/1600. I plan on reaching the low 1300s at least. I'll be taking the English, History, and Spanish subject tests. </p>

<p>I'm currently taking 2 AP classes, USH and English Comp, don't know my scores yet. Next year I'll be taking 3 AP classes and Spanish 5. Maybe it's too early to tell if I can get in or not. I don't have block scheduling, unfortunately, so I can't take as many as other kids do. My school also doesn't have that many available because of our size/budget. (I know, excuses, excuses)</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in either English or History, Pre-Law (is that possible? I don't exactly know how it works). My GPA of freshman/sophomore year is 3.82 (weighted), but I've most likely gotten it closer to 3.9 this year. I go to public school in a very small town in CT. I'm not sure how competitive it is by comparison, but everyone above me (#1-16 of 131) has crazy ass gpas between 4.1 and 4.5 - doesn't make me look too great.</p>

<p>EC's: Officer of Spanish club for 2 years (president next year), written for newspaper for 3 years (hopefully head editor next year), some Interact club participation. In March I'm going to volunteer at a dental clinic, Mission of Mercy. My apush class organized a fundraiser for Haiti, we've raised over $1000 so far. We're planning a winter craft fair-type event for elementary school kids and expect to make about $4000 for Haiti. I'll most likely be in NHS; 3 years of Tennis, 1 season of Cross Country, several art classes. </p>

<p>I've had two part time jobs at stores/restaurants (nothing special) and plan to get another job this summer. I don't do much at all outside of school and I'm trying to change that. In a rural town it's kind of hard (excuses). This summer I'll be volunteering at a local hospital. </p>

<p>When I read other posts on here I feel like I don't have much of a chance at Villanova. Hopefully I'm wrong? Some of my other choices are Sacred Heart, BC (yeah right), St. Joseph's U. </p>

<p>No matter what school I end up at, I'll be applying to Arts/Sciences; looking for a good pre-Law program so I might have a tiny shot at BC law school after my undergrad studies. I'm of Irish Catholic heritage and really identify with the "rounded" education that comes from Catholic/Jesuit schools. I grew up out in the woods so I'm looking for a school near a big city (NYC, Boston, Philly). </p>

<p>Thanks so much for reading this if you did!</p>