Chances at Villanova's business school?

<p>Here are some stats:</p>

<p>3.2 UW (I know this is bad, but my GPA first quarter is a 3.9/5) with a bit of an upward trend
2070 SAT I (780 math, 640 CR, 650 W)
760 math II SAT
taking calculus
~30hrs of ECs every week (half swimming, half school band. I intend to make the recruitment times for their swim team in a month or so, will this help me at all?)
Asian (chinese) at one of the best public high schools in MA</p>

<p>Do you have any community service? What about additional EC's. What is your class rank or what percentage are you top 10%? From what I am reading, your SAT's or good, but it is going to take alot more than that to get into their Business School. Good luck</p>

<p>think the ecs are good- and sats- what was your essay on? - did you visit the school?
they say don't look at the writing but winder if that's reallya accurate- your writing is good too</p>

<p>@arewedoneyet- No, unfortunately. I spend too much time on my ECs to get any community services in. Band is an hour a day in school, 3 hour rehearsal every Tuesday for 2/3 months, and football games weekly, parades almost once a month</p>

<p>@Brocha- Didn't visit the school, as it would be a lot of money that my family is not willing to spend to visit until I hear back from my ED school (I applied EA to villanova btw.) </p>

<p>My essay was about seeing both sides of an argument. I wrote about how I think it limits the views of others, and it prevents people from learning to their full potential. In my opinion, it seems rather cheesy, but it's something that has stuck with me for my entire life.</p>

<p>essay sounds really good- hang in there- you look very good!</p>

<p>Sorry for bumping this again, but I just wanted to add a bit of info, see if my chances have improved at all.</p>

<p>first quarter was a 3.875/5, 2nd quarter 3.675/5.... Does anyone think I can still get in? :(</p>

<p>If your swim times are good enough for recruitment, the swim coach may be able to help your application through admissions if you are able to provide events and times that he needs. It would be worthwhile to email the coach and see if he is interested in having you on the team. If so, he may be able to pay for an official visit for you from his recruiting budget. Contact him right away. Your stats look acceptable for VSB, especially with your great GPA trend senior year.</p>

<p>But not taking into account swimming, am I even a possible candidate?</p>